What is sammari and why more and more people read them?


    How to stop putting off life for later? How to become stress resistant? How to resist manipulation and emotional blackmail? How to succeed? How to overcome shyness? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in non-fiction books, that is, books on psychology, business, self-development, personal effectiveness, health, science and all that contribute to broadening the horizons and personal and professional growth of their readers. The ideas in these books help make life better.

    But a modern and active person may have several problems associated with reading:

    • Where to find time to read all books of interest?
    • how not to make a mistake and choose books worthy of attention?
    • Is this particular book worth my time (on average 5 hours) and / or money?

    There are many useful and worthy books that help change lives for the better, if you read them at the right time, but how to find time for this? Of course, you can search for information of interest on the Internet, but how often are you satisfied with answers from the network? The quality of many Internet articles leaves much to be desired, and everyone who is not lazy can publish articles. Too often you can get bad advice and load your head with unnecessary information.

    The money issue also stops many from buying books. Books cost a lot, many pirated services are closed due to changes in legislation, and the remaining ones are attacked by users' computers with malware and annoying ads.

    There is another urgent problem of reading non-fiction books. These are annoying repetitions of the same idea, “water” and examples that are not close to us. Reading some books, one wonders what the author wanted to say and why he is slow? I would like to pass such books through a sieve and separate the grains from the chaff.

    For these reasons, lately, the Sammari are gaining more and more popularity - brief reviews of key ideas from non-fiction books, set out on 10-20 pages, which can be read in 10-20 minutes.

    Sammari help readers solve several problems at once:

    • they contribute to broadening the horizons, allowing the reader to develop in several areas at once and to keep abreast of ideas and concepts from books on various topics from psychology to scientific discoveries;
    • they save time - sammari can be read in just 10-20 minutes;
    • they save the money of reading enthusiasts - the cost of a subscription for a year is equivalent to the cost of 7 books, but during this time you can read more than 150 sammari;
    • they help make a truly informed choice of which books are worthy of being in your library;
    • they help to repeat the most useful ideas from already read books and put everything in order;
    • they are always at hand, as they are presented in all popular electronic formats.

    Sammari is not someone’s idle speculation, but high-quality information from the books of authors who are deeply versed in their topic and themselves have achieved in life what they write about.

    Below we want to provide answers to the most popular questions about sammari:

    Sammari replace books?

    Yes and no. Yes, because if you read a book of sammari, you will understand that this is enough for you. In this case, reading the Sammari will save you from buying a book you do not need. On the other hand, after reading an interesting sammari, you will understand that you want to study the book on which it is written in more detail. In this case, the Sammari will contribute to the informed choice of full-length books for your library.

    Do sammari infringe copyrights?

    No, in sammari only key ideas and concepts from books are stated, this is an independent creative product. Moreover, Sammari contribute to the dissemination of the ideas of the authors, because if you like Sammari, it is likely that you will get a book.

    What formats do you have sammari in?

    In all popular electronic text formats (ePub, mobi, fb2, PDF). Plus, you can read directly on the site thanks to a convenient reader.

    Our opinion - sammari is not a substitute for a book; sammari is a useful tool of personal effectiveness, which makes it possible to always be aware of interesting ideas from books about psychology, business, development, science and other non-fiction.

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