Sad black friday in Russia

    It seems that the American annual festivities under the cover of Black Friday still can not take root in Russia. And this year, buyers faced a number of problems related to unscrupulous sellers.

    The Black Friday website was supposed to start its work yesterday at 19:00, but the site’s staff were able to reanimate it only two hours after the announced start time of the campaign. And after that, errors kept coming out. During the start of sales on the site, users were unable to find some sites that had previously announced their participation in the action on Among these missing were Enter , Lamoda and WildBerries- the search on the site did not find these sellers, but you could find them on the site through Yandex.

    Sellers themselves are unhappy with the organization The first dissatisfied reviews of sellers have already appeared on the Internet. For example, Timofei Shikolenkov , head of marketing for Audiomania, is very unflattering about Black Friday in his Facebook post, stressing that next year they will conduct it on their own.

    As for the discounts (or rather, their "reality"), then things are very sad. Domestic online publications and conducted comparisons of discount prices for some of the goods presented at the sale and found that sellers often often raised prices significantly in advance by Friday. On my own, I would like to add that the "great and terrible" sins similarly : the equipment that I bought a month ago for $ 350 (and would love to buy something else like that on a Friday sale) today costs $ 380 - Yes, already with a 50% discount.

    Also pleased with MediaMarkt, which had previously trumpeted the sales of the Oysters Arctic 450 smartphone, whose normal cost is 2,990 rubles, for only 99 rubles. Advertising was shown on television, and of course crowds of inspired shoppers rushed to acquire bundles of this miracle of technology. However, MediaMarkt quickly came to its senses, changing the rules of the game on the go and saying that discounted smartphones are available only in offline stores. However, according to the statements of the buyers themselves, from there they are loudly sent to an online sale. In short, the moral is this: MediaMarkt got into a puddle in the struggle for the attention of customers. On the Internet there is information about hundreds of failed sales (or rather successful, and then canceled by the seller due to lack of goods available) and only three (!) Cases of successful purchase of the ill-fated Oysters Arctic 450.

    Other sellers ( Yulmart , for example), who already had no discounted goods at the very start of sales, suffered similar inflammation of tricks, only on a smaller scale , but sellers offered similar models, but without discounts that attracted attention. Apparently, Yulmart and such clever people decided that the main thing to attract a person was a lure, and then, in the wake of the general shopping craziness, he would still buy something.

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