AppsConf Rises

    AppsConf is a conference for mobile developers, where you can:

    • a) hear about updates in iOS and Android;
    • b) discuss the best practices of mobile development;
    • c) find solutions to actual problems;
    • d) to hoarse to argue about HYIP technologies;
    • e) meet and ask questions to the GDE and iOS gurus;
    • e) share achievements;
    • g) make working contacts with the coolest developers in Russia.

    All this together makes AppsConf the  most useful conference on mobile development, and not only in Russia. That is how we did it in October, and we are going to repeat in 2019 on April 22 and 23 .

    What will be new, and what interesting speakers we have already lured, I will write further. But first, some of the reporting information of this year, starting with a cool video.

    The conference on October 8 and 9 brought together 500 cool iOS and Android specialists in one place . By our friendly Program Committee, about which I have already spoken , we have prepared a program for three streams of reports in two days. Themes were picked up on iOS and Android, platform-independent and common to all developers. The survey of participants says that we managed to balance the program very well, without distortions in quantity and, most importantly, quality in one of the directions. 6% who do not consider themselves to be in any caste, we consider multianders, and probably somewhere in leadership positions.

    Restarting AppsConf from all other aspects of the organization and networking was very successful. We will focus on this result, but we will try to make it even more effective.

    Top 5 Reports AppsConf 2018

    The rating of the best reports is traditionally determined by the listeners, and in this case they should not be added to, or subtracted from, their opinion.

    1. Funny and sad stories about the development of computer games / Vadim Bashurov for this inspiring performance already have a note with an open video.
    2. How correctly and, most importantly, why write an Android application in one Activity / Konstantin Tskhovrebov - extended article from the author of the report.
    3. How to use Korutin in the prode and sleep at night / Vladimir Ivanov video and text version of the report is in this article , you can also ask questions to the speaker.
    4. Interviewing mobile developers. Both sides of the barricade / Alexander Cherny - something from the report can be found in this interview .
    5. Annotation processing for Kotlin code / Sergey Ryabov - so far only abstracts, but the rest will be soon, stay tuned.

    The first four are posted on the YouTube channel of the conference in a separate playlist .

    Entertaining and weird statistics

    • Only half of the conference guests live and work in Moscow, the rest came to the conference from different cities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine from cities from Almaty to Yakutsk. And the speakers were developers from Germany, UK, USA
    • The most popular answer to the question about the purpose of attending the conference is to expand the horizons, Further in popularity: the search for new tools and technologies: ideas and inspiration: the solution to their problems.
    • Half of the guests made at least some useful acquaintances, but some were much more effective in networking.
    • As many as 44 people promised to try to become a speaker at the next conference. Ay - we are waiting for your application in this form .
    • The age difference between the youngest and most experienced participant is at least 26 years old.

    What will happen on AppsConf 2019

    First, we denote the subject. Suddenly, it includes everything about mobile development. That is literally everything. We hope for the most diverse applications that we will select and balance in accordance with the requests of the community.

    For starters, they figured out this set of tags: #Java #Kotlin #Swift #CoreML # Objective-C #DevOps #GPU #NDK #IPC #RxJava #Architecture #Realm #Databinding #Flatbuffers #UI #GraphQL #Testing #Product #Teamlead.

    And also the architecture of applications and mobile platforms, development processes, testing, management technology iOS and Android, client servers, hardware, etc. Reports from the general track on effective development (yes, Yegor Bugayenko expressedinteresting ideas for teamwork, interviews, team leaders and all the rest on the slide, also went very well. Let's keep that in mind and invite someone cool.

    For starters, I will reveal several interesting speakers, with whom the work on the reports is already underway.

    Andrei Breslav

    Andrey Breslav It is unlikely that Andrei Breslav needs to be introduced in the mobile developer environment, he started the development of the Kotlin language and does not leave the stage, regularly talking about the possibilities and innovations of the language. But Andrei is a versatile person, apart from directly developing, is also engaged in psychology and we expect a fascinating report from Andrei at the intersection of disciplines.

    Dmitry Voronin is a

    Dmitry Voronin mobile application architect in Avito. For the last two years, he has been automating the testing of large applications, accelerating CI / CD. Dima has really great experience in this matter. I know firsthand that in Avito, the entire testing infrastructure of both iOS and Android was built under his leadership. This year, he was already at AppsConf and took part only in the UI testing round table, and next he will make a full report.

    Asya Sviridenko

    Asya Sviridenko iOS-developer from Yandex. Mails. At AppsConf, 2018 presented one of the very useful, application reports that we are preparing for publication so far, and Asya is already preparing a new topic.

    Sergey Boishtyan

    Sergey Boishtyan Android-architect in Tinkoff, a well-known speaker in the community, speaks on a variety of topics from hardcore to student learning. Helps Android developers keep abreast of new products by participating in the Android Dev podcast. The program committee will surely pull some bloody details from Sergey from Sergey.

    Anton Sergeev

    Anton Sergeev Prior to mobile development, he worked on power plant control systems, where the price of errors in the code is too high to allow them. After the transition to Apple platforms, he focused on the presentation layer, developed a library of visual components in SberTech, and is currently working on Yandex.Maps. He regularly speaks at meetings and conferences, and this year he talked about the mathematical foundations of Auto Layout at AppsConf . Let's see how Anton will surprise us in the following.

    Yevgeny Matsyuk

    Yevgeny Matsyuk Android timlid in Kaspersky Lab, willingly speaks at conferences, is familiar to the participants of Ontik conferences, for example, on the  clean architecture report . Probably on AppsConf 2019 his report will go to a multi-platform track, but we will wait for the final approval of the topic.

    Alexander Efremenkov

    Already the second co-host of the Android Dev podcast on our list. It works in Yandex and initiated the writing of its implementation SharedPreferences there with a lot of whistles. Alexander fumbles well in the internal features of JVM and Android, and will tell us about something from this opera.

    Vitaly Bragilevsky

    For 15 years he has been teaching various disciplines in programming at the Southern Federal University. Vitaly is the author of the book Haskell in Depth and is on the Haskell Standardization Committee. Obviously, his report will be somehow related to the functional area.

    Call for Papers

    If you want to be in the glorious company of speakers and another 40 top specialists in mobile development, then first submit an application , and then the Program Committee will take on it. We want the conference to be held at a high professional level, so we carefully select the reports. But this does not mean that we take only experienced speakers - new faces are also welcome. All potentially interesting applications are transferred to the work of the curator, who will sort out your topic in detail and help make the report useful outside.

    If you have doubts and cannot choose one of several topics, then write me here or in Telegram (@etolstoy).

    I generally invite you to talk about topics and plans in the comments or in the  conference chat.. Although we have in the PC and not one head, but as many as twenty, but third-party opinions will be useful, we will certainly try to accommodate the requests of the interested community. Here, the metap  on mobile testing conducted!

    Early bird

    And the last thing - the tickets are already on sale, and now you can save a lot on them . Closer to the conference will be more expensive, but the concept will not change, just filled with specific names :)

    AppsConf 2019 will be held April 22-23 in the center of Moscow, in Infospace. Follow the news on Habré, in the  Telegram-channel or subscribe to the newsletter to receive news of the program as it is formed.

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