Rostelecom buys Russian company Aikumen Ibs for $ 8 million and enters the unstructured data market

    Rostelecom will redeem 75% of the shares of the Russian developer ZAO Aykumen Ibs for 525 million rubles (almost $ 8 million at the exchange rate on November 25, 2015). The remaining 25% will remain with the founder and top managers of the company. It is known that the board of directors of Rostelecom has already approved this deal. The developer of technologies for the analysis of "big data" "Aikumen Ibs" is a portfolio project of Sferiq Capital .

    “The purchase of the Haykumen Ibs developer will allow us to realize a number of synergistic effects with our core business, including through the use of Big Data technologies to increase operational efficiency, monitor the quality of services provided, segment the customer base, personalize offers and much more,” saidRUSBASE publication, Senior Vice President of Rostelecom, Maria Florentieva.

    The deal will allow Rostelecom "to enter a promising market with double-digit growth rates on the horizon of the next five years." According to Rostelecom, the average annual growth rate of the Russian Big Data market in 2014-2018 will be 35%.

    CNews was commented by Vadim Arsenyev, General Director of Sferiq Capital Management Company:
    From an investment point of view, “Aikumen” is a success story based on a vision, understanding of the needs of customers in the field of business analytics and data processing. Work on technologies for analyzing large data sets was started by us back in the 1990s, the Aykumen brand appeared in the 2000s, long before the term Big Data was introduced into circulation. For more than 10 years of existence, the company has implemented many projects for major companies and government customers in Russia and abroad.

    Thanks to our team of specialists both in the field of developing unique software products and in the field of managing the activities of high-tech sector companies, we achieve significant growth indicators for our companies. So, the cost of “Aikumen IHD” over the years of management has increased several times. We are confident in the prospects of the market and see significant growth potential in the value of a number of our assets.

    The brand “Aikumen” appeared in 2004, the scientific and technical center “Aikumen Ibs” - in the 2009th. The company has developed its own IQPlatform Big Data Analysis platform. The developer provides its services to public services and departments, the banking and industrial sectors. Among the clients are Roscosmos , Svyaznoy , Russian Helicopters, Sberbank and others.

    Demand and supply in the Big Data analytics segment are not structured: customers do not always know exactly what they want to buy, and suppliers cannot always articulate exactly what they are selling, says Alexander Khaitin , head of the Yandex Data Factory project office . According to YDF's experience, “big data” is the fastest to monetize in the banking, retail and telecommunications industries.

    Last week , VimpelCom (Beeline brand) and Yandexbegan strategic cooperation in the field of Big Data, reported. The Yandex Data Factory branch will develop services for predicting the outflow of Beeline customers, increasing the work of sales specialists in call centers and optimizing advertising costs.

    There are thousands of big data analytics projects in the USA and dozens of them in Russia, says Sergey Zolotarev , director of the American company Pivotal (big data analytics) in Russia and the CIS. He agrees that Russian business does not fully appreciate the economic benefits of big data analytics and the domestic big data analytics market is 3-4 years behind the leading countries.

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