Megamind poll: subsidizing participants in the import substitution program for electronics in Russia

    Yesterday we wrote on Megamind about the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to support participants in the import import substitution program in Russia.

    Recall - officials offer to subsidize manufacturers of four areas of iron to compensate for loan arrears and R&D expenses: telecommunications equipment, computers, equipment for the production of electronic components and intelligent control systems.

    A competition is planned for subsidies, the winners of which will receive compensation: in the field of developing intelligent control systems they will give 1 billion rubles, projects in the field of telecommunication equipment production can receive up to 1.5 billion rubles, and companies producing special technological equipment can apply for 2 billion rubles.

    Most of all will receive projects in the field of computer engineering - up to 2.5 billion.

    According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, currently developing enterprises - winners of the competition, will reach the required level by 2018. So far, of all domestic companies, only T-Platforms and the Moscow SPARC-Technology Center (MCST), the developer of Elbrus microprocessors, have announced their intention to participate in competitions of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

    In order to understand the situation, we asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade to comment on this proposal of people who have first-hand knowledge of the situation on the electronics market in Russia, in general, in order to find out the opinion of direct market participants and industry experts.

    The publication is updated as comments are received.

    Artyom Subbotin, creator of Simkomat and CheckU:
    As I understand it from the text, this is not a grant, but a compensation of the loan rate. The Ministry of Industry and Trade covers up to 90% of the loan rate. As for me, in my commentary I will speak only for myself - this kind of state generosity is not quite what we need.

    Nobody gives special loans now, so we have nothing to compensate for. In general, all components (which are not produced in Russia) soared in price twice. Therefore, many left the market for the production of "iron" and went into software. Many switched to a foreign client using Russia as an assembly site. In short, many iron-based startups and small companies caved in under the new realities of Russia and changed their strategy.

    It is very difficult to create something from “nothing” and we buy 99% of the entire component base outside of Russia, most of it in China, and something in Europe. The ruble, which fell twice, almost killed our R&D and everything related to hardware. Therefore, like many of us, we plunged into software and began to set up sales outside of Russia. This is a market that dictated its conditions.

    In other words, for us it’s out of the question to build new assembly facilities, rent offices and, in general, expand somehow. We try to buy something for rubles (programmers) and sell for dollars (product).
    Therefore, for us, a small "iron" startup, the best product from the government would be the compensation of the ruble exchange rate when purchasing components abroad ...

    German Klimenko, “IRI”:
    It seems strange to me that the Ministry of Industry and Trade would help the participants in the import substitution program of the radio-electronic industry not with targeted investments in development, but in compensating for the costs of servicing loans.

    Each enterprise has its own, unique, economic base (conditions for the use of land, buildings, tax structure) and it is somewhat strange to hold a competition between them to find a winner. It is much more honest and correct to help those who are in the most difficult situation. Who has foreign currency loans and delinquencies. Although my personal opinion is that you need to help those who are doing well, and not those who have driven their enterprises into credit debts and are now counting on help for our taxes.

    Pavel Mussel, Business Consultant (Former Digital Director of Healbe):
    The main comment is that no money can replace the lack of industry. It needs to be developed from scratch - it is a very long process. There is no industrial design, no production, no managers capable of really effectively moving the industry.

    The big problem with science, which is bent - there were grandfathers who "made" the cosmos, now good, and even more so, motivated scientists of the unit. Soon there will be no one to train them, to develop new ones. Will we call the Chinese?

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you know domestic manufacturers of electronics / microelectronics?

    • 47.6% Yes (I can name at least two) 82
    • 29% No (never encountered domestic “microcircuits”) 50
    • 23.2% Do they exist? 40

    Do you consider it necessary to help domestic developers and manufacturers of iron?

    • 47.3% Of course, yes 81
    • 32.7% Not sure if this is effective 56
    • 19.8% Dead - poultice 34

    Are you ready, as a consumer, to support the domestic manufacturer of radio and other electronics?

    • 35.7% Of course - with your own ruble! 59
    • 38.7% But isn’t it my taxes? 64
    • 25.4% No, not ready - let them do it somehow 42

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