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    imageOn November 3-5, Dublin (Ireland) hosted the largest technology conference in Europe Web Summit 2015 , bringing together leading entrepreneurs, investors, programmers, executives, inventors, designers and thinkers from around the world. “Davos for geeks,” is what Bloomberg called Web Summit 2015. The British the Guardian called the forum the determining vector of market movement. “A grand meeting of IT industry leaders from around the world,” the New York Times conference described it. To better understand the value of the companies that participated in the conference, we quote NASDAQ from the conference website: “There was a quarter of a trillion dollars - the cost of private Internet companies in the room.”

    Web Summit (Dublin Web Summit) is an annual technology conference that has been held since 2010. Over the years, the audience of the forum has grown from 400 to more than 40,000 participants from more than 140 countries. This year, over 1000 speakers spoke at 21 Web Summit venues. The event was covered by about 1.5 thousand journalists.

    Performances on all stages went simultaneously, so many participants could not attend everything that they would like to visit. Those who missed the lectures he was interested in and those who did not attend the conference at all will be able to see the recording of any performance on the Web Summit channel on YouTube .


    Among the guests of the event were representatives of the world's largest technology startups included in the Fortune 500, representatives from Microsoft, Stripe, Instagram, Intel Capital, Facebook, Tinder, Slack and many other giants, including Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, Reed Hastings, founder Pure Software and Netflix, Elon Musk, creator of Tesla and SpaceX, Adriana Huffington founder of the Huffington post, Drew Houston, founder and CEO of Dropbox, Nicklas Zennström, creator of Skype and other world-famous personalities.


    The Web Summit 2015 conference program was designed for 3 days and divided into thematic sections: platforms for startups, investors, graphic designers, artists, content authors, programmers, entrepreneurs, marketers, etc.

    In addition, the conference included such unique seminars as: “Sport” - a seminar held as part of the Web Summit and dedicated to technologies in sports, “Fashion”, in which the participants discussed the integration of fashion and technology, “Music”, bringing together musicians, producers, managers and businessmen, Food Festival, which brought together more than 30 Irish food suppliers and chefs, Gorod - a platform where it was discussed how technologies affect the improvement of the quality and productivity of cities, "Medicine" - a seminar, pic dedicated to technical innovations in medicine, “Machines” is a seminar devoted to robotics, automation of machine processes and the analysis of large data arrays.


    Many unique startups were able to present their projects at Web Summit Alpha. And if earlier it was usually attended only by large companies, agencies and banks, then this year all the premises of the Web Summit Dublin exhibition complex were given to beginner startups and small companies looking for investors and partners. According to the organizer of the summit, Paddy Cosgrave, at his event you can become a millionaire, without even contacting the bank, the investor will find a startup himself.


    A lot of interesting ideas and statements were made at the summit venues. One of them was a statement by Sherwin Pishevar of Sherpa Capital and CEO of Hyperloop Rob Lloyd to close the $ 26 million investment contract as part of a $ 80 million investment project.

    The design of the Hyperloop vacuum train - an old dream of its author, Elon Mask - is able to completely change our usual idea of ​​the method and speed of movement. About a month ago, Rob Lloyd led the startup, taking over as CEO, with the goal of "commercializing Elon Musk's idea of ​​moving people and goods at speeds up to 700 mph using steel pipes." Hyperloop will allow passengers to travel at the speed of sound and will make it possible to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. According to company forecasts, we will be able to test Hyperloop already in 2020.


    Along with Hyperloop, Kickstarter also came under the spotlight, sharing his ideas. From the crowdfunding platform, one of its co-founders, Yancy Strickler, took part in the conference. The Irish Times posted Yancy's words on the official website.

    As stated in The Irish Times, instead of the usual profit-oriented approach, Kickstarter recently changed the conditions for registration, becoming a public corporation in Delaware with a legal obligation to take into account the impact of the company's decisions on society, and not just on shareholders. Yancy Strickler and Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen believe that a change of focus will benefit the platform, which will still remain a commercial company.

    At Web Summit 2015, Yancy also shared his company’s point of view: “We let independent designers and developers work on what they really like, simply because they like it — a category of things that traditional investors don’t find attractive enough. Most brilliant ideas come to life from people who are not interested in making money: they just want their ideas to exist. I feel that we must allow people to create what they want to bring to life. "


    One of the sections of the conference, Money Summit, was completely devoted to electronic payments: cryptocurrencies, payments, personal finances, fraud and financial services. Money Summit was organized in order to bring together successful players and innovators in the field of payment technologies, to discuss innovative ideas in the field of payments. The world's most influential experts, founders and executives of companies such as PayPal, Stripe, BitPay, Visa, MasterCard and TransferWise are just some of those who visited Web Summit Money.

    John Delany of Open Wi-Fi, a private hotspot, shared his vision of what the final product should be: “You have to make your product easy for people. No need to complicate. We were convinced from our own experience: if a difficulty arose and you did nothing, the entire project may fail. ”

    John also added: “This year, Web Summit is dedicated to data analysis and the Internet of things, analytics and control over things in your own home. We want to control everything. There is nothing surprising; we have been going to this for years. But we are not interested in analytics, we are not trying to do this, because everything has already been done. We only help people make contact with their customers. ”

    Among the interesting ideas voiced at the summit was the idea of ​​Adilet Abylov from Spalmalo: “cars make people happier, because cars cannot lie. They cannot do much harm. I think people should work more closely with machines. ”

    From statistics published on the Web Summit blog: more than 95,000 conversations took place at the conference. The average duration of a performance was 9 minutes and 14 seconds.

    Many participants of the Web Summit 2015 conference will also be remembered for the confrontation between the Government of Ireland and the organizers of the summit. Even before the opening of the event, the organizers announced that Dublin will receive guests for the last time, next year the conference will move to the capital of Portugal. The reason for this decision, according to Paddy Cosgrave, was the lack of technical equipment of the Irish capital and the lack of organization of infrastructure. The news of the postponement of Europe’s largest technical forum caused concern for the Irish government. The Irish Industrial Development Agency (AIR) has expressed concern that Web Summit Lisabon will not succeed, as the southern country will distract potential entrepreneurs.

    Paddy Cosgrave Summit Organizer

    Be that as it may, Web Summit is one of those conferences that any country would be happy to host. Paddy Cosgrave has clearly demonstrated the ability to attract a huge number of influential players to his project. And although the organizers always have something to strive for and there is something to improve, the problems at the conference fade in comparison with the inspirational atmosphere that reigned at the events thanks to the people and companies gathered in Dublin.

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