How to create the right job description

In response to yesterday's article about how candidates should try to compose their resume, I propose a look from the other side - how to write the right job description.

A job announcement is the very first stage in the selection of candidates. We can assume that the company offers the candidate to conduct a self-examination on the requirements, and the candidate learns what he will have to do at the new job. How to make this stage the most useful for both parties?

Often, employers create advertisements for hiring employees in such a way that it is not clear who they are really willing to hire. The announcement contains all the specific technologies and languages ​​that are currently used in the project, and maybe those that I would like to use, and experience with this zoo must be from three years. It turns out a very specific mixture, which, perhaps, describes well the employees already working in the company or even identifies an ideal employee who does not exist, but is absolutely not suitable for finding new ones. Why? And because it is precisely these on the market that are not.

A serious candidate, seeing such an announcement, understands that he is not suitable, and with a high probability will not respond to the vacancy, so as not to waste his time. And those who do not value their time will spend the time of the employer on an empty initial interview.

Therefore, it is worth splitting an ad into several logical sections. The first is mandatory requirements. It is necessary to indicate in them something that is really impossible to do without and what is impossible to learn in a reasonable time. It should be understood that the larger this section, the less potential workers will be willing to try their hand. The employer should also prepare in advance for each item, think of how you will check the candidate’s knowledge. Since these requirements are mandatory, then they need to be checked carefully.

In order for the candidate to understand the subject area in which he will have to grow professionally, it is worth adding the section “It is advisable to know or the vector of development”. Here you can already describe all the technologies that you want to use and the subject area in which you work. Candidates with the right skills will understand that they have an advantage in the interview and will respond more willingly. And the rest will be able to assess whether it will be interesting for them to be at work and whether they are ready to grow in these directions.

It is also extremely important to have a section describing the responsibilities of the new employee. You know what he will do, right? If not, then consider whether you should look for someone at all. The duties of an employee are what he will do at work every day. Write code, go to meetings, communicate with clients, write documentation, read ROI? All responsibilities should be indicated, even if everything seems obvious to you from the job title. This, on the one hand, will weed out everyone who is not interested in work, and on the other hand, people will suddenly not know after a month of work that they, as a programmer, should maintain a product backlog and report on KPI.

And of course, it is worth describing all the advantages that you have in the company for such good people who will pass all your tests. Write about everything honestly. Payment of sick leave by law? Are you seriously? You are not recruiting cashiers in Auchan; in IT, no one is interested in getting half the salary after a week of work from home due to illness. We figured out that this is not an advantage, you can indicate in the section “We are a cool company, BUT”. Paid meals at the office, pool, football, fitness? Good. VHI? If nothing is included in it, except for emergency assistance in critical situations, then it is better not to disgrace, so that later there will be disappointment. Subscribe to The Programmer's Bill of Rights ? Then it's definitely worth pointing out. In general, praise the company, but be honest, as there is nothing worse than deceived expectations.

Have a good hunting.

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