Due to dumping Google in the segment of Smart TV, the market of online cinemas in Russia may be reduced by 40-50%

    The company LG has announced that smart TVs last three generations there were movies and TV shows from the Google the Play Movies & the TV . The relevant section of the store is called "Movies on Google Play." With a single Google account, handheld electronics complete the large screen. So you can start watching a movie on a TV, and then continue from the right moment on your Android smartphone, tablet or computer. Movies on Google Play are sold or rented.

    The prices for films from an American company are many times lower than those established in the market. Frank dumping will hit Russian online cinemas - they get most of the revenue from movie subscriptions from Smart TV .

    “At Googleand before there were such prices for movies - on Android smartphones . This did not bother anyone, since there was no market there. We turned a blind eye to this, it didn’t interfere with business. But LG Electronics is the second most popular sales platform, and it brings a significant portion of revenue. Now we are starting to compete with the player who dumps. This may lead to a 40-50% drop in the market, ”said Ivan Grodetsky , general director of Okko online cinema .

    “Smart TV users will switch to watching movies from Google, as the user will choose the platform where prices are lower. Thus, there is a threat of the collapse of the legal online cinema market on Smart TV, ”predicts Yelena Khlebnikova , new director of Tvzavr online cinema content .

    The Hunger Games movie, for example, through the Google Play service, can be watched for 29 rubles. In Tvzavr it costs 99 rubles, in the online cinema Okko - 79 rubles. The movie "Puzzle" Google offers for 69 rubles. In Tvzavr - 199 rubles, at Okko - 99 rubles, the result data "Izvestia".

    According to Elena Khlebnikova, Russian cinemas convince copyright holders to raise prices for Google. "Roll back" the contract will be difficult. But Google for copyright holders is not so important and critical partner than iTunes. Worldwide, Google is 10 times behind iTunes in sales, says Grodecki.

    According to him, before it seemed that the leaders of the Smart TV market - Samsungand LG Electronics - actively resisted Google’s advancement in televisions, as they do not want to remain only manufacturers of iron.

    According to Vitaly Svistunov, LG Electronics Smart TV Development Manager in Russia, on Smart TV users are ready to buy films at higher prices than on mobile devices.

    “Some cinemas took advantage of this, but offered content at the highest possible quality for this price. The advent of Google on Smart TV will further spur TV owners to buy content. Here the quality of the application and how it is implemented on Smart TV will matter. More attention should be paid to this, not price wars, ”says Svistunov.

    Edition Roem.ru notesthat at the beginning of the year Google installed its own version of Android on Sony, Sharp and Philips TVs, in which the Google Play Movies movie service was immediately preinstalled by TV manufacturers in the factory. The appearance of Google in LG’s Smart TV is a global deal agreed upon with the headquarters of the South Korean company. Movies from Google have appeared in 104 countries.

    Russian online cinemas have to look for new ways of development. According to the logic of Mr. Svistunov, it will be easy for them to do this, because they are "more flexible than giants such as Google."

    So, personal television ivi.tv has expandedpackage of thematic channels offered to the user. Users have access to their own TV channels of the MAXIM, KVN publication, gamer channels on the topic “Gambling” and “The Navigator of the Game World”, as well as a special project on the “Moscow-24” TV channel.

    The ivi.tv service was launched in May 2015. Channels on ivi.tv are formed by a system of recommendations and are updated daily, focusing on the history of viewing films and programs. The more the user watches, the more the channel matches his own preferences.

    Now the service is available for Smart TV users on the LG and Samsung platforms, and in the future it will be launched on all platforms.

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