"Dark Horse" Wildberries jumped over the participants of the rating of 50 fastest growing companies in Russia

    Wildberries online store , Yandex company and Yulmart online retailer are among the 50 fastest growing companies in Russia according to RBC.

    The new rating of fast-growing Russian companies takes into account the financial results for 2011-2014. We considered companies registered earlier in 2011 from the SPARK-Interfax database and the RBC 500 rating. Their annual revenue growth should be at least 20% from 2012 to 2014. Their revenue should be at least 1 billion rubles in 2011 and at least 3 billion rubles in 2014. To get into the rating, the company must be private or the share of private shareholders in it must be at least 50%, writes Firrma.

    Yulmart takes 8th place in the ranking. The retailer’s revenue in 2014 amounted to 50.1 billion rubles, compared to 11.2 billion rubles in 2011. Yandex takes 31 lines in the rating. Its revenue in 2014 amounted to 50.8 billion rubles, compared with 20 billion rubles in 2011.

    At number 2 in the ranking is the online store Wildberries. Head of the company Tatyana Bakalchuk is usually kept in the background, and the retailer himself, to put it mildly, is not spoiled by the attention of the media. However, according to Alexa.com , in the "Shopping" category, he ranks seventh in the audience in the world classification and is consistently the first in Russia. Its closest competitor, Lamoda.ru , is 15th in the world and 2nd in Russia.

    Initially, Wildberries.ru assortment consisted of products from German catalogs Quelle and Otto. Now they can choose from more than 100 thousand items of goods from 1.9 thousand brands. Wildberries.ru is one of the first in the market to introduce a single tariff for regional delivery. Later, the retailer provided customers with the opportunity to refuse any already delivered purchase for free.

    In 2010, Wildberries.ru had the first pick-up point equipped with fitting rooms: today there are over 180 of them in more than 100 cities of Russia.

    “We see an unconditional slowdown in the growth of the online trading market,” complains Boris Ovchinnikov , co-founder of Data Insight . The total turnover of online stores in Russia in 2014 increased by 31%, to 612 billion rubles. At the end of 2015, growth is expected to be no higher than 25%.

    However, Wildberries.ru revenue for 2014 amounted to 23.4 billion rubles. This is almost 75% higher than the same indicator in 2013 and almost 10 times more than in 2011. At the end of 2015, the company expects an increase of 40%. Nevertheless, since 2012, the company’s net profit margin has been falling: two years ago, this indicator was 2.1%, at the end of 2014 it dropped to 0.9%. The volume of loans and credits over the past year increased by 1.8 times, to almost 1.8 billion rubles. The volume of accounts payable doubled to 7.5 billion rubles.

    Since the beginning of 2015, Wildberries.ru introduced a new system of mutual settlements: the retailer switched to payment upon implementation - a model that many sellers use in a crisis period. The company explained this by the fact that they want to "become more flexible and dynamic" and "without increasing the budget for the purchase of goods to give Russian designers a chance."

    However, while Wildberries.ru received 17 claims from its counterparties in the amount of over 86 million rubles. They are trying to recover overdue payments for services rendered and goods delivered.

    Perhaps by paying disgruntled partners an amount equal to the store’s daily turnover, Bakalchuk will again offer customers something radically new to the market, RBC writes .

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