Mini-case "Target call Yandex saved the planet!"

44 active advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct. Most of them have had zero conversions over the past few months in electronic commerce, but have actively “eaten” significant budgets.
These campaigns were planned to be turned off as unprofitable, but at the last moment we assumed that they could give calls and, as a result, orders.

Find out: do they bring calls?

Calltouch is expensive. Long sessions (people hang around goods for 20 minutes) and lots of traffic. The estimated cost of the service amounted to more than 100,000 rubles / month.
The Yandex target call (CZ) turned out to be an excellent and cheap way out of the situation!

Description of the method:
12 CP numbers were purchased for a period of a month. Their cost was 3 960 rubles.

Numbers were added in turn to “bad” campaigns that ate huge amounts of money for months and didn’t bring conversions at all.

If during the first 3-4 days the campaign showed calls, it was recognized as working, and the number was transferred to the next advertising campaign.
No long measurements, three days - and connect the next.
Thus, in a circle all the "dead" RKs were checked.

Shock! We realized that almost all of these campaigns made a ton of daily calls without bringing e-commerce transactions. And we almost turned them off.

Apparently, people chose the goods in the store, and then they called the operator with clarification and completed the order by phone.

Only 4 thousand rubles and 2 weeks of time completely turned a look at the source.

Feature of the method: The
revolution is that we connected strictly “bad” campaigns.
Good RKs were not involved at all, and everything is in order with them.

The disadvantage of the method:
Not applicable to other sites except Yandex.Direct.
Campaign Detailing is available only for Yandex.Direct. Google is measured in its entirety, which means it makes no sense.

Do not rush to turn off "bad" campaigns in Yandex.Direct. Perhaps they give calls, but you do not suspect about it!

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