Innopolis ate the money allocated for the project of Russian satellite Internet for the "people"

    In 2012-2013, the federal budget for the Ministry of Communications lines have been allocated 4.7 billion rubles for the construction of the innovation center "Innopolis" in Tatarstan. The decision on the construction was made in the summer of 2012 after the appeal of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The project was actively promoted by Nikolai Nikiforov, who in the same year moved from the chair of the Minister of Communications of Tatarstan to the post of Minister of Communications of Russia.


    However, in the 2012 federal budget, funds were initially not laid for the construction of Innopolis. The Ministry of Communications and Roskomnadzor found a total of 2.7 billion rubles from other budget items. Roskomnadzor managed to save 540 million rubles in 2012 on the costs of converting the radio frequency spectrum. For its part, the Ministry of Communications has saved 2.2 billion on the implementation of projects approved by the Presidential Commission on Modernization and Technological Development of the Economy.

    In particular, the Ministry of Communications has transferred 2.03 billion rubles for the needs of Innopolis. This money was laid down in the budget of 2012 for the implementation of the project “Providing high-speed access to information systems through satellite access systems”. And in 2013, the state allocated another 3 billion rubles to the innovation center - these funds were planned to be budgeted.

    Earlier, in 2009, the Ministry of Communications leadership headed by Minister Igor Shchegolev initiated the establishment of a satellite system operating in the new space communications Ka-range. Such a system would make it possible to provide broadband Internet access services at affordable prices for the population. The cost of equipment for connecting to the network was to be 8 thousand rubles, the cost of transmitting 1 GB of information was 50 rubles. The network was supposed to reach 2 million users.

    The project budget amounted to 17.22 billion rubles, of which the federal budget was to allocate 4.64 billion rubles. But from 2009 to 2011, the state spent a total of only 1.6 billion rubles on this initiative. By 2013, the project was to be implemented. The trial provision of services was supposed to begin in 2011 with the help of Ka-band aircraft installed on the Express-AM4 satellite. However, the launch of this device was unsuccessful. And in 2012, subsidiary of Rostelecom ) addressed the Ministry of Communications with a letter “about the impossibility of further implementation of the project due to the increased payback period and the need to increase capital costs”.

    During the implementation, all 1.6 billion rubles allocated for it were fully spent, however, only various kinds of documentation were created using these funds: a system project, a business plan, working and design documentation, spacecraft draft designs, software development materials and more .

    A CNews source among the former leadership of the Ministry of Communications calls the refusal to implement a “popular” satellite Internet access project a “big mistake”. “It was a political decision by Nikolai Nikiforov, who decided to transfer funds to Innopolis,” saysinterlocutor of CNews. - We had a unique opportunity to have time to take a place in the development of the Ka-band. Now that Western giants such as Eutelsat are showing interest in this range , Russia again wants to do this. ”

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