We invite you to about: cloud - the first event about cloud technologies from the Yandex.Oblak team.

    The meeting about:сloudis the first major event for a wide audience from the Yandex.Oblak team. If you are interested in cloud technologies, administer systems and networks, or develop software, then come to visit us! You will be able to talk with technical managers of all cloud services, many of whom have prepared reports on how they are creating the platform and plans for the near future.

    One of the most interesting speakers will be Jan Leschinsky - the head of the cloud direction. Jan has a bright biography. He worked in the three largest cloud companies - Microsoft, Amazon and SalesForce - where he went from an ordinary engineer to the head of one of the directions.

    Other speakers are also very interesting. For example, Gleb Kholodov, who heads the development of virtual networks, previously was a member of one of the teams of Microsoft office products in Seattle. And Anastasia Morozova has for many years been part of a large family of developers in Yandex.

    One of the central topics of the reports will be a discussion about cloud databases - in particular, about Yandex Database. Come to find out what it is. In addition, the topics of serverless computing and infrastructure services will be touched upon.

    The event will take place in the Moscow office of Yandex at Leo Tolstoy, 16. You can register for the meeting here . Participation is free, but the number of places is limited. Looking forward to you to visit us!

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