10 reasons why lists of 10 reasons are perfect for content marketing

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    When was the last time you read the text list? 10 ways to lose weight quickly, 15 reasons to buy an iPhone, 3 reasons to eat an omelette? The user encounters such texts every day. We understand why lists are so popular and why they are cool to use in content marketing.

    1. Most attractive headlines

    Moz.com conducted a study and found that 36% of Internet users, among other things, would prefer a heading that contains numbers. The significant advantage is that the closest pursuer has a total of 21% of requests to the reader.

    In addition, such headings are much easier to compose. Count the number of abstracts and take it to the title. Voila!

    2. Lists are often shared

    This is how the top by share and likes for the week on Surfingbird looks like: Lists are a format of clean, like a tear, virality. Only tests are more active. Or seals .


    3. Lists make people happier

    This is not what we came up with. This is what the professionals say.

    Ksenia Lukicheva creative director ivi,

    ex-chief editor of AdMe:

    We are often blamed for the fact that we use numbers in the headings. And it works very well. A man is a chaotic creature, this chaos infuriates and annoys, and a person subconsciously seeks a way to organize it inside himself, without realizing it. And when he sees the numbers, he thinks: oh, now they will put everything on the shelves for me, and click.


    Dmitry Matskevich COO Surfingbird

    Lists people like because they are lazy, but really want to feel smart. Almost any text more than one paragraph I want to leave without reading. The user opens a long text and at some point begins to think that going to eat is a great idea. But no one likes to feel like a man who wants to devour. Everyone loves to feel like intellectuals. And the list is, in fact, several small texts that are complete in meaning.

    The structure allows you to stay at any of the points with a sense of satisfaction. User thinks: “I got what I wanted. Everything that comes next is not interesting to me. I myself know what to read and what not. I'll go eat something". The list gives us a chance to feel like independent people who make decisions themselves, and not a dull shit, which to read in the bastard. In any case, the user will leave the list in a good mood, and he knows this. Therefore, it opens them again and again.

    The task of the number at the beginning of the heading is to give the user self-confidence. A number is a predictable value and it eliminates frustration in front of the unknown. Isn't that what every ad is aiming for?

    4. This is an ageless classic.

    The first list is the 10 commandments. And it’s hard to argue that part of the secret of their centuries-old popularity lies in a well-chosen format. The well-known BuzzFeed has grown on lists (and quizzes). And it brought a result. Everyone picked up the trend. At some point, it became clear that any garbage in the form of a list will collect more views!

    Lists are made by everyone. But this is not a reason to spit and refuse the format. Even if you are not writing about lipsticks and cats, but doing financial analytics.

    A list is convenient. The main thing is that its content is relevant to the interests of the audience. They will also read the usual review, but they will read the list more times and with great pleasure.

    Big media and serious uncles in suits are not shy of lists. Still in doubt? Bloomberg doesthis is.

    Do you too.

    5. Lists can process other texts

    You wrote a detailed text that talks about the product. But, most likely, it turned out to be too heavy or difficult. You can always reformat it to a list. Or a few.

    Already in a list format, you can rank parts of it as you need. Even on the serial number, you can speculate and collect additional traffic or comments.

    In the form of lists it is very convenient to do native advertising. She still remains an advertisement, but has all the advantages of a list.

    An example of native advertising in the form of a list on TJ.

    6. Lists are easier to structure

    Lists are faster and easier to do. A copywriter hired for a couple of texts, who may not fully understand what you are doing, will probably make a list rather than write a long and competent text on your subject. Because a long text needs a good structure, sometimes even an intrigue, for the reader to read it to the end.

    Without a clear structure, the reader will decide that you have a roof and go to your competitors. Such a text needs a good author. And, most likely, you are not ready to hire him.

    Lists are completely devoid of this problem. The list as a format is already structured.

    7. You can repackage content to lists

    Why not make a selection of the best articles that came out on your blog? First, you reactivate old texts and collect additional traffic. Secondly, show what topics have already been raised.

    You can also oversee other people's content - to make selections of articles, videos, images that other companies or people have created. You advise and get loyalty (and share a little traffic).

    The main thing in this case is not just to collect and rush at the reader, but to explain why you chose this content. Any value judgment or commentary creates additional value and makes such a list an independent material.

    We can do that too.

    8. Lists can be made from anything

    Hair care products, fermented baked milk, dictators of Latin America. Lists are a universal format within which you can talk about anything.

    You can outsmart everyone and create a list of lists. For example, the guys from Amplifer published a list of digests on their blog .


    9. Lists are more convenient to distribute

    Lists are easier to distribute than regular texts. First of all, because of the title. You simply share text on social networks in employee accounts, in thematic communities, and then enjoy the traffic.

    If you decide to make native advertising in the form of a list, you will find that it is much easier to distribute it. Due to the format, you will collect significantly more views. According to Relap statistics for October, native ads with list headers collected 3 times more clicks than other headers.

    10. Lists are cool

    In fact, we cited only 9 reasons for the coolness of the list texts, and we inserted the 10th paragraph for a beautiful headline and write this paragraph just to fill in the space.

    The Guardian has a ride , it will be a ride with us.

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