Checklist of 68 points for website promotion in Yandex TOP10

    In order for Yandex to show your site among the first, it is necessary for it to fully respond to a user’s request. And it will be half the success. The remaining half is convenience, the technical component of the site and its simplicity. Below I have given a checklist of 68 items, which was developed specifically for the PTYSH task management system, together with DFAKTOR . And now I am sharing it with you. The painstaking implementation of each item from this checklist will allow you to bring almost any site to the very top of search results. But you have to work hard. Let's start with the smallest.

    Site preparation
    1. Make a backup site
    2. Install Yandex.Metrica on the website (
    3. Add website to Yandex Webmaster (
    4. Add the physical address of the organization to Yandex Webmaster
    5. Specify a region in Yandex Webmaster
    6. Specify activities in Yandex Webmaster
    7. Add logo and view of the building from the street (
    8. Check the address and phone for uniqueness in Yandex search (
    9. Check address and phone for uniqueness in Google search (
    10. Check the site for affiliates
    11. Check all site texts for uniqueness
    12. Set the website name register in Yandex Webmaster (
    13. In Yandex.Webmaster specify the main mirror of the site with www or without www
    14. Define the main mirror of the site and configure .htaccess (301 redirect with www / without www)
    15. Check for garbage links pages on the site, if available, delete
    16. Check website for viruses
    17. Customize CNC. The address of the pages should reflect the site structure (
    18. After setting up the CNC, configure and do 301 redirects from old pages to new
    19. URLs on the site should be short
    20. Make the Contact page use markup
    21. To make the block with contacts pass-through on all pages of the site, use the markup in the most visible place, in the site header.
    22. Company phones should be larger than the address, the city code must be present. Indicate working hours and weekends
    23. All texts should be checked for spelling, stylistic, punctuation errors in the text. (Http://
    24. Add an organization to Google My Business (
    25. Add website to Google.Webmaster (

    Work with requests
    1. If possible, replace the domain name (with the occurrence of a key request, for example, etc.)
    2. Divide queries into thematic groups
    3. Analyze competitors by content: number of text, number of occurrences of requests, availability of thematic images on pages, List of listings, videos on a promoted page, what are in title, keywords and description, which buttons, which information blocks, what are the texts about.
    4. Choose the most suitable page for promotion for each request; if there is no page, create.
    5. Based on the data received, create an “Ideal” page for each request. (Title, H1, keywords, description, texts, cleaning from unnecessary code and extra characters, adding buttons, information blocks, videos, etc.)
    6. Put yourself in the place of the visitor, check the usability of the promoted site and completeness of information.

    Website promotion
    1. When promoting complex queries, make links from the main page to the promoted one or from the menu, at least a footer. (requests that do not advance to the main page)
    2. Create sitemap.xml
    3. Sitemap.xml add to Yandex Webmaster (
    4. Create / Edit robots.txt Be sure to consider the features of the CMS to specify the main mirror and siemap.xml
    5. Make HTML sitemap
    6. Check for pages with 404 error if necessary create
    7. Make all internal links relative (reduce the number of code)
    8. Make favicon.ico
    9. Close from indexing external links and counters
    10. If possible, remove ratings and counters, leave only one. (e.g. Yandex Metrica or Google Analytics)
    11. Place on the website the legal name and details of the company TIN, PSRN, etc.
    12. Make a Yandex map and an interactive driving directions map (
    13. Make the Reviews Page
    14. Make a page "About the company": from what year? What have you achieved? Photo certificate and certificates
    15. Create an object on a folk map (
    16. Register a site at
    17. Register a site in
    18. Register a site in
    19. Register a site at
    20. Check and fix serious website errors by the Validator (
    21. In the page template with useful information and articles, add the “Share” button the “I like” social plugin (
    22. Add a tweet button to the site, if appropriate (
    23. If it is advisable to install the "Comments" plugin (
    24. Check the server response code on page 404 and promoted (
    25. Make a FAQ section for frequently asked questions or by analogy with competitors
    26. Analyze competitors' sites for services, usability, info blocks, menu items, the flow of information and other obviously positive aspects of sites. Consider how you can increase user confidence in the site, ease of choice, assortment, design.
    27. Create an official Twitter page, if not already (
    28. Create an official Vkontakte page, if not already (
    29. Create an official Facebook page, if not already (
    30. Add links to official pages on social networks on the main site
    31. Add links to social pages in Yandex.Directory (
    32. Analysis and elimination of errors on indexed pages in Yandex (
    33. Check the site for duplicate pages in the index
    34. Analysis of url generation (url of promoted pages should strictly reflect the structure, without a set of characters and numbers)
    35. To analyze the behavior of users on the site, to understand the reasons that may not suit them.
    36. Check the requests for which there are "failures", find out the reason and fix
    37. Prepare articles that will help answer questions related to the site (How to choose a wallpaper? How to glue a wallpaper? Wallpaper from which material is better to choose?)
    38. To make the site lively, constantly post useful feature articles, industry news and other useful materials.

    The main task when promoting a site is to understand how it can be improved for the user and do it. It is becoming increasingly difficult to deceive a search engine; investing in improving the properties of a site is much more effective. Now the main tool is time and thorough analysis.

    There are no more secrets left in SEO. To bring the site to the TOP you do not need to take a tambourine, buy links and wind up behavioral factors. The mechanism of website promotion in theory has become obvious and simple. The only difficulty is that in practice, the work to bring the site to the TOP 10 began to take much more time and effort. An SEO specialist is no longer someone who has sacred knowledge and is supposedly on a short foot with Yandex, but a person who knows how to analyze well and thoughtfully.

    I really hope that the article was useful and many will take note of it, or maybe be part of it, just replenish their checklists.

    Any additions and comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

    ps This checklist can also be used in the PTYSH system . For convenience, the date and time the items were executed, as well as who it was completed in case several people are working on the task at once.
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