The world leader in the mobile games market spoke about development plans in Russia

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    world leader in the mobile gaming market is Gameloft .

    The company was founded in 1999 by the Guillot brothers, the founders and owners of one of the world's largest publishers of video games Ubisoft. Gameloft releases mobile versions of Ubisoft gaming franchises (Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Driver), and also develops its gaming brands (Asphalt, Modern Combat). The game portfolio of the company includes more than 500 projects, last year the number of game downloads exceeded 700 million.

    However, games for mobile platforms are not only one of the most popular types of entertainment in the modern world, but also a brand and consumer communications tool.

    Polina Nefidova, Managing Director of Gameloft in Russia and the CIS, told about Gameloft's work in the advertising business, about the company's development plans in the world and in Russia.

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    A Brief History of Gameloft

    The idea behind Gameloft is to make games available to as many people as possible. Michel Guillot, CEO of the company, 15 years ago saw the future for mobile phones, made a bet on them and did not lose. We tried ourselves on the field of portable consoles and publishing games on social networks, but in the end we decided to focus on smartphones in order to reach the largest possible audience. Almost everyone has smartphones, which means that we are also nearby.

    In Moscow, we opened an office in early 2014. The Russian market is important for us, therefore it is necessary to be “physically” here, but we do not develop games in Moscow - here we have advertising and marketing departments. It's nice that we are growing! We started with three employees, and now eight. And we continue to look for new team members!

    About Gameloft Audience

    The number of our active users per month in the world fluctuates at the level of 170 million, per day - about 19-20 million. In Russia, our games are launched by more than 7 million unique players per month and more than 900 thousand per day. We think this is a great result. In terms of the number of game downloads for 2014, according to App Annie, we are firmly in first place both in the world as a whole and in Russia in particular. Our audience is large and this is what we are proud of.

    About the advertising business

    Today, the mobile advertising industry is full of prospects. This direction is growing now and will show even greater growth in the future, so we immediately decided to take a prominent place here. We have a huge audience, a powerful advertising inventory and our own internal advertising agencies - we entered the market as equipped and prepared as possible.

    It so happened that we refused to cooperate with advertising networks right away - unreliably, and that is why one of our main goals was full control over the ongoing campaigns. There have already been precedents when “spicy” banners appeared in children's applications of other developers, for us this is unacceptable. We are responsible for quality with our head, we provide statistics and do not mind the integration of third-party metrics.

    About ways to attract customers

    There are different advertising formats: classic banners, full-screen banners, regular and motivated video, brand-name forms for collecting leads built into the game, mini-sites and even whole mini-games!

    As for the audience, this is our trump card. The library of games in which advertisements are available is impressive in size - it has 30 games of different genres! We have races for automobile brands, shooters for advertising action films, and games for children's products. Therefore, it turns out that we show advertising to the most relevant audience and get a positive response from it.

    About cases for Russian advertisers

    Recently, we completed the integration of the Beeline brand in the Asphalt 8 arcade racing game. The goal is to promote the idea of ​​Streetgaming, and the format is an online racing tournament inside the game that showed excellent results. All players received prizes in the tournament of an independently occupied place and were very pleased.

    With Central Partnership, we made a whole rich media game for the film Carrier: Heritage. Players like this format: it is unusual and for interacting with advertising it is guaranteed to receive in-game currency. So, in a game form we talk about the product, and the player has a positive attitude towards him. He received bonuses in an unusual mini-game! Now the campaign is over, and players are already asking for it to be returned.

    The client was also satisfied with this placement. Here are some interesting statistics on this case: 9% of users started the game (clicked "play" on the fullscreen banner); 83% of those who started the game went through to the end; 14% clicked “replay”; CTR on the banner at the end of the game - 1.8% of the total number of impressions.

    About stereotypes and prospects of the advertising business in Russia and abroad

    Abroad, in Europe or the USA, mobile advertising is already working with might and main and does not surprise anyone. We still look at this area with some distrust. This applies to mobile advertising in general, if we talk about advertising in mobile games, then very often we hear that only children play games, and this is not interesting for an adult consumer. In fact, this is not so at all - most of our players are well over 20 and they are completely solvent people!

    Definitely, this area will grow. In Russia, for the time being, mobile is perceived mainly as a performance tool, but in the Western world it has long been looked at much more widely, realizing that this source of advertising can also be used as a flexible media tool. We, in turn, are doing our best and using our example, show what advantages mobile promotion can bring. Here the most active audience is that young people prefer the Internet and mobile rather than TV and newspapers.

    About the phenomenon of mobile games

    The phenomenon of mobile games is that they are installed on almost every smartphone: someone plays from time to time, someone constantly, but somehow the gamers are the vast majority of owners of mobile gadgets. According to Flurry, in 2015, games accounted for 15% of all smartphone use time, which is an impressive figure - more than just Facebook and entertainment applications.

    Moreover, when a person plays, he is focused on the process and carefully monitors what is happening on the screen. If you offer advertising in a timely and organic manner (for example, it can be a branded tournament or a rich media game), then you can achieve excellent results: correctly formatted advertising will not only not cause rejection, but also leave a positive impression - the player not only watched the advertisement, but also Received in-game currency. The future is in cool interactive formats, interesting and effective!

    About the goals of working in the advertising market in Russia

    Our goal in the advertising market is to reach a level of income comparable in volume from in-game purchases. Already, some countries in Gameloft have reached the task, in Russia this is yet to be done, but we are on the right track.

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