Yandex agrees with mobile device manufacturers to preinstall its services

    Photo: Yandex

    Immediately after the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in the Google case, representatives of the Yandex company began to negotiate with mobile device manufacturers to preinstall their applications, Adindex writes . The FAS issued a decision on the violation by Google of the Law on Protection of Competition in September, ordering to eliminate all violations identified before November 18 . A major violation is Google’s prohibition on gadget manufacturers to pre-install third-party apps on mobile devices. The case itself was instituted after the appeal of Yandex to the FAS.

    “We started negotiations immediately after the decision of the FAS. We contacted them before, but in a sense, we had “hands tied,” said Alexander Shulgin, CEO of Yandex.

    “We see a great interest on their part in doing business with Yandex and preinstalling Yandex applications, but they are a little afraid in anticipation of Google’s reaction. They understand that Google could appeal. I expect that we will be able to say something specific on possible transactions during the next telephone conference (based on the results of the fourth quarter - ed.), ”Shulgin added.

    Recall that Google is not the first time accused of violating antitrust laws. So, now an investigation is being conducted on the work of Google in Europe. If it detects a violation by the corporation, it could face a fine of about $ 6 billion. An antitrust investigation is also being conducted in the United States against this company.

    UPD . According to Asi Melkumova, representative of the company’s press service, Yandex CEO Alexander Shulgin spoke about Yandex’s cooperation with mobile device manufacturers during a conference call with investment analysts on the day Yandex financial results were announced for the 3rd quarter of 2015. Quotes are Shulgin's answers to a question from one of the analysts. The company did not disclose more detailed details of the negotiations.

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