WhatsApp became free for Beeline subscribers - the first transaction of a telecom operator and messenger in the history of Russia

    Beeline subscribers will receive free unlimited access to the WhatsApp messenger . The company "VimpelCom" and WhatsApp have entered into a corresponding agreement. Free traffic for the messenger will be received by users of the "Everyone" tariff plan. WhatsApp is the most widespread messenger in Russia, it is mentioned in the message of Mikhail Slobodin, General Director of VimpelCom.

    So far, not a single Russian operator has entered into agreements with OTT services (in this case, it is a messenger). The offer will be valid from October 26 to January 15, 2016.

    Beeline and WhatsApp are united in their desire to provide the best means of communication, and the fact that the operator’s subscribers will have unlimited access to the WhatsApp service is shown by Beeline as an innovator in the field of mobile communications in Russia, ”commented Jan Kum, CEO and co-founder of WhatsApp.

    “The messenger is a vital application for any smartphone user in Russia, and we are proud that our customers will be able to enjoy such an affordable offer,” Mikhail Slobodin said. A company representative told Lente.ru that the network capacities are sufficient for uninterrupted communication of subscribers on WhatsApp.

    Beeline has already completely reset the cost of 4G / LTE communication at the tariffs “Everything” and “Everything for business”. Beeline customers can connect to the “Everything” tariffs for free, new customers must pay the corresponding connection cost.

    Russia, along with Brazil, Mexico and India, is in the top 10 countries in terms of the number of users of the WhatsApp messenger, according to an American company. In Russia, the application has more than 30 million monthly active users.

    Further, “Megamind” cites users' comments from comments on Slobodin’s message on Facebook (spelling and punctuation are saved):

    “Was it really worth it?” Do you also charge for photos, videos and music downloaded through WhatsApp for free?).

    - Good public relations move. But messengers consume so little traffic, which is just ridiculous. Text and pictures with very active use - 150-200 mb per month. And the calls are 0.8 mb / min. Such a small amount of traffic is not noticeable in any Internet packages.

    - Oil is oil. There is so much traffic on the “all” tariffs that you can use a mobile phone to turn blue, without shares.

    - Give cool international packages! And then MTS raised the price 2.5 times without warning.

    - Viber has a reason to appeal to the antimonopoly committee with a request to ensure equal competitive opportunities ..

    UPD 1
    An interesting story happened with the "free" 4G.
    Beeline already had a “good” move with 4G. When they promised unlimited LTE until February, but in the end it turned out to be fake: unlimited was turned on only after the exhaustion of the main package. First, that is, they untied their hands “download through 4G as you want,” and then they said “your traffic has ended”.

    Here are the conditions of the action:

    “For customers with a prepaid settlement system: Internet traffic on the 4G network is provided for free and does not consume the Internet package included in the monthly fee at your rate. When the traffic packet in the 2G / 3G networks is exhausted, the speed is limited to 64 kbps, and the Internet in the 4G network continues to work at maximum speed!

    For customers of a postpaid payment system: the Internet on the 4G network becomes completely free and unlimited after your main Internet package ends. Until the exhaustion of the main 4G package, the Internet works at the terms of your tariff. ”

    Everything about them is correct - I myself am an evil Pinocchio.
    But to me the OPERATORS, when they connected, they said that 4G traffic is not consumed by me. Although they see that postpaid system. And so there are five people for sure, including two on the day when the speed was cut. Moreover, their supervisor or specialist said that she would deal with the problem, and 3 GB would add Internet to me so that I would not be left without a network.

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