Robots injected - a man is happy: bots will write news in the Yandex tape

    The company Yandex in November launches a special tape for the media and media. According to the head of the Yandex for Media project, Maria Petrova, messages will not be prepared by journalists, but by Yandex bots (automatic algorithms) based on data monitoring and analysis.

    While the news agency will notify about the situation on the roads, the weather, as well as highlight the most relevant topics and events. In the future, the list of topics on which robots will write news will expand.

    The data is supposed to be broadcast in real time and in different formats: for TV channels it will be graphs, for radio stations - a special interface with texts, for news agencies, newspapers, magazines and websites - a notification tape, Ms. Petrova told Vedomosti.

    Subscribing to the newsletter will be free. Individually, Yandex has already given out a subscription to several editions. Among them is the Interfax agency . This is confirmed by the Executive Director of the financial and economic information service of Interfax, Yuri Pogorely. For several years, the Agency has been receiving Yandex information about traffic jams made by robots, and includes it in its feeds for subscribers. Interfax itself has a Finmarket subsidiary. For 10 years, robots have been writing news there.

    A similar technology was developed by Narrative Science : its Quill software platform is an artificial intelligence that allows you to convert data into connected text. Among clients Narrative Science names, in particular, the magazineForbes . Some texts on the Forbes website, instead of the author’s name, are indeed signed by Narrative Science, citing Vedomosti. Usually these are small texts dedicated, for example, to the forecast of the value of shares of certain companies.

    A similar service from Automated Insights can process a large amount of raw data - tables, statistics, comments - and convert them into short meaningful notes. Automated Insights is already using the Associated Press and Yahoo News .

    According to the general director of Komsomolskaya PravdaVladimir Sungorkin, a new project of an IT company may be interesting for the media, and robotic journalists can compete with ordinary journalists in the field of writing simple news articles. Robots are unlikely to be able to completely replace journalists, Pogorely believes: robots will never feel an interesting story - they only answer the questions they are asked.

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