The volume of the Russian Internet market grew to 1.57 trillion rubles

    Photo: Irina Buzhor / Kommersant The

    Russian Internet market continues to develop. According to the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and the Higher School of Economics (HSE), in just a year, the volume of online content and services markets grew immediately by 46%, amounting to 1.094 trillion rubles. in monetary terms. At the same time, the volume of electronic payments grew by 36% to 476 trillion rubles, Kommersant writes . If we compare these indicators with Russia's GDP, then in total the volume of the Internet market in Russia amounted to about 2.2% of GDP for 2014.

    E-commerce, according to RAEC experts, has grown by about 29%, to 475 billion rubles., The segment of "online tourism" increased to 279 billion rubles. This is 43% higher than last year. In 2014, about 70 billion rubles (+ 23%) was spent on contextual advertising, and this year it is expected that spending on this type of advertising will increase by another 14%. The video ad market raised another 3.8 billion rubles. Search engine optimization over the past year gained about 13 billion rubles. Marketing and communications in social networks are estimated at 7.4 billion rubles, which is 18% more than last year.

    As for infrastructure, there are quite significant growth rates for hosting providers - up to 15% per year, 5.6 billion rubles in monetary terms. In other segments, a slowdown was noted, including SaaS solutions, the domain market, and mobile and web development.

    But the digital content market is just showing significant growth. “This is due to the emergence of a new trend mainly among young people on the consumption of legal paid content,” the report said. Users pay for videos, music and books, with a total payment of 6.7 billion rubles. Games and in-game purchases are also growing - by 16% against a year earlier.

    The fall was seen only in the display advertising market (22 billion rubles, which is 5% less than in 2013). This year, there has also been a decline.

    The crisis affects the Internet markets “quite strongly” according to most experts. 58% of specialists note a decrease in budgets for various areas of company activity, and 46% say that some projects are completely closed.

    The authors calculated the report data based on the results of the annual survey, which is part of the Runet Economics project.

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