The British analog of Yandex.Transport has allocated $ 1 million to enter the Russian market

    A British startup of Lithuanian origin will compete with the Yandex.Transport project in Russia. Yandex.Transport operates in more than 18 cities and uses official open data for its work. TRAFI launches its application for tracking public transport in four Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Chelyabinsk.

    “There are many large cities in Russia with a rather complicated public transport system. Therefore, we see huge potential here, despite the fact that we already have competitors here, ”said Martinez Gudonavicius, Director General of TRAFI.

    TRAFI will spend about $ 1 million on launch in Russia. The funds will be used to localize and promote the product.

    Trafi allows users to track the movement of vehicles and build the most optimal routes, taking into account the schedule of buses, trolleybuses, trams and the metro - including without an Internet connection.
    In each city, TRAFI requests access to statistics on public transport from the city authorities, as well as data from users in real time. The application analyzes the received information using Data Science and machine learning algorithms. This work scheme allows you to determine the optimal time route to the destination.

    Martinez Gudonavicius in a comment to Rusbase confirmed that the company managed to establish cooperation with officials responsible for public transport in the mentioned Russian cities.

    “[Everything] depends on the city. In general, we help them with the help of our solutions in the field of data analysis, and they are quite open to cooperation, since we have a common mission - to attract people to use public transport. And while the values ​​are common - everything is fine, ”he noted.

    “We decided to launch in Russia when we saw that they are actively downloading us here, although we did not even announce the launch, but only tested the technology. We see great potential here, despite the fact that we already have competitors here, ”explained Gudonavichus.

    Now the company is looking for a regional manager to work in the Russian market. TRAFI does not yet have an office in Russia.

    The application also works in Turkey, Brazil and the Baltic countries. According to the company, TRAFI has more than a million active users around the world. The main office of the company is in London, and the R&D division is in Vilnius.

    TRAFI was launched in 2013. In May 2015, as part of Round A, the company raised $ 6.5 million in investments from Octopus Ventures , the EBRD's investment division , BaltCap and Practica Capital .

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