Face to the wall: grim design errors and site usability

    Recently, I went to the site of the next fashion start-up and for half a minute I tried to understand what the guys were doing, how they could be useful to me and how much it cost. But he didn’t understand anything, spat and left.

    Common situation?

    The site of the company from which yawning is torn. An online store where it takes half an hour to fill out an order form. Landing with juicy pictures, which is so screaming at visitors and is ticking with a fake stock timer. All of them make commonplace, but common mistakes. These are design errors, in the broad sense of the word: the problems of “communication” between an interface and a person.

    We are in the Design Linkerwe help sites, products and services become more convenient and humane. And after the first hundred sites, when the error patterns became apparent, we decided to describe them in the “problem-solution” format. The result was a catalog of antipatterns of design and UX . Now there are 22 articles in it, and the plans still have as many.

    To make it clear what the catalog looks like, I’ll give you one antipattern here (I chose the smallest so as not to inflate the article):

    Background video

    Imagine: you are standing at a store and looking at a shop window. Suddenly the seller runs out, starts grabbing hands, pulling for himself, wailing "Uh, dear, let's go soon, what goods I will show!" What do you think?

    A visitor feels about the same when he is met on the main page by a background video with automatic playback. And sometimes also with sound.

    Opened, and began to play.

    How to fix it.
    If the video serves only to attract attention, replace it with a static picture. If it demonstrates the capabilities of a product or service - run on demand, not automatically.
    The catalog is useful:
    • start-ups and marketers (see design issues that hurt conversions);
    • designers (as a checklist for self-testing);
    • testers looking for bugs in UX;
    • and anyone who wants to make their site more convenient.

    I will be glad if the collected recipes are useful to you. Share your comments or examples from your own practice in the comments!

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