Yandex.Money made friends with MasterCard

    Most readers of Megamind probably remember the advertising slogan “There are things that cannot be bought, for everything else there is MasterCard.” Apparently, the Yandex leadership also knows this slogan, because now Yandex.Money service has announced cooperation with this payment system, Kommersant writes . The Russian company, according to the agreement, connected to the platform for electronic wallets and online stores MasterPass. This, according to experts, improves the conditions for the purchase of goods on the Internet for Russian users - the number of available stores increases from 75 thousand to more than 300 thousand. Yandex.Money in this case receives a commission from each purchase.

    MasterPass is a service that allows you to pay for various services and goods, including concert tickets, electronics in foreign online stores, plane tickets. To make the appropriate payment, you will need to select payment through MasterPass, and select Russia in the list of countries. After that, the platform will offer to make a payment using Yandex.Money.

    Such a partnership will allow Yandex.Money to make payments of its own users even for those stores and services where there is no connection of payments from company wallets. Joint work with MasterCard increases the number of available stores for domestic customers from 75 thousand to more than 300 thousand.

    “Already, every fourth payment from a MasterCard from Yandex.Money is cross-border,” said company representative Evgenia Arnautova. The audience of the Yandex payment system is now about 22 million users, increasing by 12 thousand people every day.

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