Russian Post is going to deliver goods for retailers

    Photo: Photo: Dmitry Lebedev / Kommersant

    Recently, Russian Post has been trying to expand the range of its services. In particular, not so long ago, the company announced its intention to deliver goods from Chinese stores in an accelerated mode. Now, Russian Post is negotiating with retailers on the delivery of goods to warehouses and stores, Kommersant writes . Experts believe that this service will be in demand in some regions of the country, but state-owned companies will have to compete with freight carriers.

    The scheme of work of the Russian Post for the delivery of goods is as follows: shipments are received by the sorting centers of the company, and delivered to retail stores with which the state company signed an agreement. Delivery is carried out at an agreed time, and both individual parcels and entire batches of goods can deliver. The dimensions of the items are as follows: weight up to 31.5 kg, size - up to 150 cm.

    For retailers, four fixed tariffs are offered, which are ranked by weight. This category is up to 5 kg, up to 10 kg, up to 20 kg and up to 31.5 kg. As for the shipment received in Moscow before 19.00, it will be delivered in Moscow and the region the very next day. Shipments weighing up to 5 kg will cost the customer 150 rubles, up to 10 kg 180 rubles, up to 20 kg 210 rubles, and 31.5 kg 240 rubles. As an example, you can take the delivery of goods from Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk (distance 213 km). Delivery time will take up to two days, the cost will be 330 rubles. for shipment weighing up to 5 kg, weighing up to 10 kg - 430 rubles., up to 20 kg - 580 rubles., up to 31.5 kg - 730 rubles.

    Representatives of the Russian Post claim that this service allows the customer to save about 25% on the cost of delivering goods to their stores, as well as moving goods between outlets.

    The state-owned company already has its first client - a retail chain of shoes and accessories Kari, which has implemented the service in 600 of its stores throughout Russia.

    “This is more convenient than delivery by groupage cargo. But the most important thing in it is a guarantee of meeting the delivery time and reasonable cost, ”says Evgeny Sokolov, Wikimart Logistics Director.

    Leonid Dovladbegyan, director of the 220 Volt online store, is skeptical of the new Russian Post service. “That is, now they don’t even use their main advantage - branches - and for some reason invaded the market of freight operators who are engaged in supply and work on the supply chain. This is unusual for “Russian Post,” Dovladbegyan comments on the situation.

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