Twitter will actively collaborate with Russian advertising agencies and brands

    Peter Greenberger, Twitter Sales Director for Russia and China, praised the company's advertising audience in our country. According to him, the Russian audience available to advertisers is 26 million unique users. He reported this in Moscow, at an event for the press.

    Greenberg noted that the calculation took into account users of the desktop version of Twitter, as well as users of mobile applications. This figure cannot be equated to the direct number of microblogging service users in Russia - there are a bit more of them, he said.

    Twitter Vice President Shailesh Rao noted that 80% of the audience visits the site from mobile devices, 82% of the audience watch videos, and 90% of all video views are mobile.

    One of the most popular topics in the world, he called the film award "Oscar", the riots in Ferguson, the "blood moon" and the debate about the color of the dress. The latter topic collected a total of 4.8 million tweets, gaining 303 publications per hour.

    He also revealed quantitative indicators on user tweets on some topics:

    “I want, need” - 53.9 million.

    "Hungry" - 3.1 million.

    "I'm going to buy a car" - 1.5 million.

    553 million messages are devoted to technology, 16 million to fitness, 66 million to food.

    Peter Greenberg also announced plans for the development of the company in the Russian market. First, Twitter will focus on increasing video views in the desktop version and on mobile platforms. Secondly, the company intends to increase the number of downloads of the application. Thirdly, the social network will more actively cooperate with Russian agencies and brands. A promising direction on Twitter is Periscope, the video broadcast service launched this year .

    Sergei Dovedov, managing director of the Httpool agency (engaged in advertising for Twitter in Russia), told that it is not yet known when the Moments feature, launched for American users in early October, will work in Russia.

    On Tuesday, October 13, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced a staff reduction of 8 percent as part of the restructuring. Layoffs will affect 336 employees from the state of 4.1 thousand people.

    Peter Greenberger noted that downsizing would not affect the company's operations in Russia.

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