Yandex raised quotes for its shares, agreeing with Microsoft

    Yandex was able to agree with Microsoft to use its search as default for Microsoft Edge browsers and Internet Explorer for Windows 10. After this information got on the Web, Yandex quotes began to grow, and at the close of the NASDAQ exchange, growth amounted to 4.67% relative to the closing level on Monday, writes Interfax. Now for one share of Yandex they give $ 12.76.

    Microsoft, according to an agreement with a Russian company, will make Yandex the default search engine for devices running Windows 10. The domestic search service will become the default search for Windows 10 users from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey. In addition, Yandex will become the starting page for these same users.

    Currently, about 64% of users from Russia use Windows as an operating system on various devices. The share of Windows 10 is about 5%. True, the most common version of Windows now is Windows 7.

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