Ridewithme - or a new round in the development of amateur sports in Russia

    We are a young development team consisting of two people - graduates of the capital's university, a week ago we released a mobile application. A mobile application that will change the world! The application will allow the athletes of our country and the world to unite to make their jogging, cycling, snowboarding, skiing more useful and interesting.

    “Our application is a spy that penetrates the usual way of life and will provoke the user to leave the virtual world and play sports”
    Victor Sobolev, iOS-programmer.

    The user is given the opportunity to create events, join existing ones, and also leave comments by joining the event. The program even makes a route to the gathering place for the selected event. Also, the “trick” is viewing events near the user - just open the map inside the application.

    “We sought to create a simple, intuitive interface. Many of our testers noted that the design is very similar to the original, corporate identity of Apple, as if it was always on the phone, ”the guys say. Thanks to this interface, you can change your day in one click, users can communicate inside the event to discuss details and conditions. And all this is available all over the world right in your mobile phone. You just need to download the application to your device.

    “I wanted to figure it out on my own, so I decided to leave the connection of external libraries that do everything“ behind the scenes ”for later. Slowly but surely, using our own methods, the path from direct queries to the database to a fully-fledged safe class for executing scripts was done. As a
    result, we got a small library for working with MySQL ” Magomed Chapanov, PHP-programmer.

    There will be no more lone runs and incomplete teams, along with the Ridewithme app, you will always find a partner! You will always collect the full squad, and fight at full strength with new rivals!

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