Ranking of the most profitable Russian IT companies

    The TAdviser Analytical Center examined the financial performance of 500 Russian legal entities. As a result, analysts prepared a ranking of Russian IT companies in terms of net profit for 2014 - TAdviser PROFIT 50. Specialists evaluated only companies involved in the development, implementation or distribution of IT products and systems.

    The groups of companies analyzed individual legal entities associated with common owners. The data of the Federal State Statistics Service and the Kontur.Fokus service were used, RUSBASE reports .

    “The ranking of TAdviser Profit 50, in our opinion, makes the Russian IT market more transparent. In conditions when there are practically no public Russian IT companies, the ranking allows us to judge the marginality of various segments and the effectiveness of companies, argues TAdviser editor-in-chief Alexander Levashov.

    Provided that it is correctly reflected, this indicator indicates the company's ability to invest in its further development, expansion of production and employee incentives. By the percentage of profit to revenue, you can judge the effectiveness of the company, explained in TAdviser.

    The total value of the net profit of the companies included in the ranking of TAdviser PROFIT 50 increased in 2014 compared to 2013 by 33% (from 18.3 to 24.3 billion rubles), and the total value of revenue - by 17.2% ( from 473 to 554 billion rubles).
    The average profitability in 2014 compared to 2013 increased from 8.7% to 10.7%.

    Source: TAdviser , October 2015.

    The first place in the list was taken by the local division of the American IBM IBM IBA BEA - in 2014, its profit amounted to slightly more than 3 billion rubles (an increase of 195% compared to 2013). RN-Inform, a subsidiary of Rosneft, with a net profit of 1.33 billion rubles in 2014 (an increase of 93.5%) is in the second position, ahead of the Russian branch of Apple.

    Apple Rus LLC, which took third place, lags slightly behind RN-Inform (1.32 billion rubles), showing a high profit growth rate: 1530% compared to 2013.

    “When preparing the ranking, we consulted with a number of experts and heard a lot of reservations (that profit is an adjustable indicator that can be artificially lowered; that it’s impossible to judge the activities of a group of companies by reporting selected legal entities; that exchange rate changes currencies although reflected in profits, but do not talk about the real situation and so on). We do not argue with any of these reservations, therefore, we do not draw personal conclusions, but show the big picture, ”said Levashov.

    The full version of the TAdviser PROFIT 50 ranking can be found here .

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