Review of the reports of the LEAN Startup Russia 2015 conference

    Was on the first day of the LEAN Startup Russia 2015 conference (their FB group ).
    Below is a short story about reports and a few photos (at the end of the post).

    It all started not ice. In a letter describing how to get to the building (it was the first time in this area), it was said something like “The last car from the center, you leave the metro, you go left, the underpass, left, another passage, 20 meters and voila, you are there. ” I got out of the subway, went left, ran into a wall. There is no underground passage on the left, it is on the right, went into it, went out, the road, and within visibility there are no crossings and Space clubs. But, we know these Moscow jokes for entangling zamkadyshe. Using a survey of Tajiks who clean garbage and orienteering skills on the ground, he went right across the bridge and after 200 meters found the entrance to the territory of the business center.

    Next, at the entrance, checking at the airport, frame, took the water with them (another minus to the karma to the organizers). A long wait ... and finally not at 10_00, but at 10_40, they began to light. In between reports, the presenter (not the girl with Ilya Korolev, but the other, Yarik? Didn’t remember his name) yelled heartbrokenly “LEN STARTUP RASHA TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN !!!”, apparently, in case people forgot where they were and tried funny puns (always unsuccessful). Addict galleries? Wi-Fi is terrible, the sound is too loud, balalaika as a sound beat ... As you know, the most complaints from free users.

    Started. By the way, I noticed that the cool speakers are on the side of the screen, and not in the center, so that it is easier to take pictures of the slides.
    Greeting speech. Opening of the conference
    Greetings by Ilya Korolev(tracker FRII ) and Ploskonosova Julia ( the LP Generator ). Perky, so.

    Introduction to Lean Startup. How to minimize losses on the road to success - Ilya Korolev

    Next Maxim Ploskonosov from LP Generator . Speech in the spirit of a patriot-statesman, Russians are the coolest, we are cooler than the United States, Russia is the home of elephants, the US IT market is 50 times smaller than the Russian Federation, but cool projects are the least 2-3 times smaller, which means the Russian Federation is cooler than the USA 25 times (50/2 as the author sees). In the valley, Russians are in 3rd place after the Chinese and Indians, and there are many more than Americans. Apparently, someone really wants to receive a state grant. RukaFace.jpg

    Next, Mikhail Romanov (EY) from Ernst and Young. Consulting Startups are being brought to the market (swearing that it’s free, huh, consultants and free?), They do a lot for the telecom mk, they generate the most profit. Serious dude.

    Next, Mikhail Slobodin from Beeline . The report "Focus on the client or how to return the spirit of" thrift "to a large company." Nimble, slippery type. He showed 10 slides how to live (there is a photo) + 11 slide "do not think about money, think about work."

    Leonid Melamed - top from ROSNO, MTS, AFK Sistema, Russneft. I read "Management in high
    uncertainties. Lessons for the corporation and startup. " So-so. After the phrase “The product is built 5 ~ 10 years with annual planning cycles”, people got bored somehow. It’s not clear what does lean have to do with such products (they also have the right to life, for example, in telecom, but this is not about small nimble startups, but about monster-like projects of large corporations). There is his report in the pictures. All people have only 3 goals. Investor ~ market share, investment income, brand prestige. Employee ~ ZP, interesting work, prestige of work. Customer ~ quality product, cheap, prestigious. I clearly disagree with this - there are always a bunch of goals from which priority ones are chosen. For an employee, for example, besides the 3 listed ones, it is still important - a comfortable workplace, prof. growth, proximity to home, the ability to work remotely, abroad. business trips and many others

    Further, the panel session: Mikhail Slobodin, Leonid Melamed, Andrey Romanenko, Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper
    Moderator: Sergey Skripnikov (IIDF). Talking about nothing, Mikhail Slobodin kept pulling the blanket over himself, Beeline advertised. He promised all Beeline users by big date (according to geo-data to determine who visited the konfu) to send a gift to the phone (deceived), already 22_00 nothing came to the phone.

    Break for a snack (cheers! Free tartlets with juice!)

    Report “Mistakes in understanding Lean Startup”. Arkady Moreynis .
    Arkady lit, well done! He says startups make 6 mistakes:
    1) throw shit on the wall hoping that it will stick. They generate too many ideas, and nobody needs a product. Throwing from B2C to B2B.
    2) the absence of 1 clear hypothesis at each iteration, but we check a lot.
    3) misunderstand MVP. It is necessary to correctly assess the ability to make the product yourself. People with ideas are not needed, you need the ability to do everything yourself, otherwise you have an incomplete team.
    4) do not understand the criteria that the hypothesis is verified. Interviewing people is not a hypothesis test; people are lying. Money or users are important in the context of the ratio of ARPU and CPA. It's just that if acquaintances bought from you, this is not an argument that the project will fly.
    5) iterations by landing pages, but not iteration by products. Those. you need to change the product, not its landing page. Examples ~ edible plates, uber for plates. You have to come up with different product options (90% of the money) and test them as hypotheses whether someone needs them, and not optimize (lick, change the CPA button or paint it from blue to red and vice versa) the landing of the same invented product (10% of the money).
    6) replacing a dream with a landing page with forms. You need to make a product that will tear the market, and not optimize the landing page, squeeze out everything you can from it, get some money and calm down.
    The big idea is ~ 3 approaches 1) to do not what others have; 2) to do not like the others 3) to sell not to those, but to others. A minimum of 1 out of 3 should be.
    Without #lean, you can make a great product that no one needs. Arkady every VT at 14:00 sits in the Good Republic on Myasnitskaya, advises start-ups for free (a cunning comrade who perfectly disguised his services as an investor, however, sharks and moray eels also have excellent disguise).

    Next, the report “Finding Value for the Client Using Customer Development Tools” Rob Fitzpatrick was immediately translated into English (in vain, the dude has excellent diction and clearly says, in simple words, he clearly polished the preza for telling the most primitive creatures with bad knowledge of the great and mighty English-a)
    Norm slides, took a picture of everything, nothing new, but it’s useful to repeat.
    PS: Rob is the author of an excellent book on CustDev “Ask Mom” - I wrote a review on it here .

    Further “Discussion panel: Why should startups learn the Lean Startup methodology?” Victor Lysenko, Arkady Moreynis, Evgeny Gordeev, Maxim Ploskonosov, Andrey Grigoryev Moderator: Alexey Obrovets (cool guy !!! cool to moderate the conversation, I also noticed #tceh ).
    Moreynis said - you need to ask yourself 6 questions “WHY?” In the book of the line startup Eric Rhys ~ the most important thing in the line at the end of the book (to my shame, I could not remember reading in the book about these “why”, about which Arkady spoke, apparently that's why I have not yet listed Forbes).
    Moreynis says there were three stages in creating businesses:
    Stage 1 ~ 95 ~ 98gg did everything at once ready-made businesses, not startups.
    Stage 2 ~ a crowd of loafers "uncle give money" for my dream (he also had a hand in it).
    Stage 3 ~ now the link stage is - people do a lot of things themselves before looking for investors.
    Someone else said - It’s necessary to do a landing, where right before the moment you leave an email and even better pay a button. Let it be said at the time of payment that the payment gateway is not working, but the main thing is to test the hypothesis that a) people need a product b) they are willing to pay for it c) a lot of these people.

    The report "Lean Startup in Russia" Dmitry Kalaev .
    Well done, experience in performances is felt, he made a very impressive performance without tension. When it is not clear what to do, keep focus where we are running. The most important thing in startups is to quickly test hypotheses ~ 50pcs in 3 months. A startup is fast or dead. Change 1 metric at a time so that the rest do not affect. Lin is not how to spend less, but how to spend money. It’s better to make a product for a narrow niche, rather than a lot of customer segments. The best customers are the pinnacle of the middle class. There is money (not like poor people have) and not a long sales cycle like a big client. Do not cut large infrastructure things like appstore or sales force. Before sawing the landing page, talk and get to know the client. There is always growth potential.

    Smoke Tests report and case study. Fake it until you make it " Marvin Liao*. In English, but everything is clear. Do smoky tests, i.e. test hypotheses as cheaply as possible. Do not cut the function right away, but do an email newsletter so that those who need the function pay, to calculate by conversion whether someone needs it. Business growth through AARRR metrics, of which the main thing in the funnel is 1) activation and 2) retention. AARRR = Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.

    Interview (online) Brent Cooper *
    Lean startup all have to use! (thanks, but we didn’t know!) Zappos- A cool example of MVP is how to test a hypothesis cheaply and quickly. Investors need Lean in the first place, then the entrepreneur, then the state. Economic growth is, in the first place, the growth of small businesses. The state should make confe, places for start-ups, stop supporting large companies (yeah, they’ll take and cut Gazprom into 50 small companies smile emoticon and trillions in Russian Railways will stop sponsoring transportation, the dude is clearly not aware of the situation in the Russian Federation).

    Report "Lean HR" Alena Vladimirskaya
    Molodets, very cool! Although it is not clear why, I was very worried (or I just do not like tall female voices)
    It’s impossible to hunt the basis of the team. First you need like-minded people who believe in the idea and want to grow into a billion business. Everywhere you need to evangelize your project, look for a cofounder at the conference. By the way, recently in the FB there was a story where the founders worked out the idea, and the program found the cofounder of the program. He did everything, and then he took the source code and published it under his name in Google Play, i.e. stole the idea - see the InstaPry / FeedPry story .
    The main villain Yaroslav Rybalka actively fights off in the comments. So, in the comments they expressed a good idea that the problem arose due to the fact that they found a cofounder at a startup conf. They say there, although there are diesers and progers, but they are entrepreneurs at heart, which means they won’t have spiritual doubts if they steal the idea. So, what can be better for CTO to search in boring state-owned companies so that they can only program, and sales, analytics, fundraising should be with the project leader (so that the programmer does not make sense to throw the leader, so as not to engage in his hard and ungrateful work). Not everyone on the team should be charismatic. It should be comfortable together. For 3 days, everyone speaks arguments on the idea / hypothesis, but when the decision is made, it is executed, and not discussed, as in the army until the moment the analysis or decision result is received. The final decision is the one responsible for this area of ​​work. In the letter, all key decisions should be fixed, especially fixed shares and how to share them. Shares will be given gradually, as many will leave, and their shares remain with them those passengers. Prescribe shares for variable indicators. I give you 9% upon reaching the following indicators over the next 3 years. Those are 3% in every year. When we start hiring more than 50 people, the company changes. Tk arise 1 ~ 2 layers of leaders. Once a week everyone gathers and discuss what is happening. We must praise people so that it is comfortable and good arguments to work in a startup, and not in a big company. Use when hiring remoters. Do not use the studio, because the lack of a maiden team is a big minus for investors. Take mentors, many for free (they have experience if they like the product) even or for a small fraction. 0.5 ~ 3%.

    Keynote address and day results
    Maxim Ploskonosov ~ 1 day results. You can go to lp generator to make a landing and check ideas. Advertising.

    PS: Online for 1 thousand rubles you can watch only live broadcasts, not recordings.
    That's all. 1 day was free. For 2 and 3 days I won’t go - they cost 12 / 17tyr. First, sorry for the money. Secondly, the concept of a lean startup, which I mastered on the 1st floor almost completely, suggests that you need to save money to achieve a result. I am sure that in theory I learned / understood that almost everything that is needed to work in the learn style remains a matter of practice. But if the organizers or friends are invited to visit the conference for free for 2-3 days (as part of the support of the writing press), then please contact me, I’m not a beast of any kind, always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation!

    PS: Photos from the conference from me and from the organizers ( small and the same, but large ).

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