The 50 Best Mailing Designs (and How to Make It Yourself Cool) (Part 3)

    Today we publish the third part of the translation of the article about the best mailing designs , here is the first part , and here the second . In these 10 examples, special attention is paid to the style and organization of the layout, in which there is a lot of information. We are waiting for you at the conference dedicated to email marketing MailCon this Friday, and we will be pleased to discuss the cases in the comments in the article!

    21. Stand the style

    The minimalist design in the example from Elizabeth Lies helps to convey the idea clearly and effectively. Since the brand’s mission is to show the simplicity of life on the road, the use of a simple font and clear images creates a clear picture for the reader about the brand’s mission and its style.

    22. Avoid clutter and congestion.

    The layout of this Hatch Inc mailing list is simple and effective, it organizes a large amount of information well, in a clear and balanced way. Readers are led from block to block, and each image has wide enough borders so that the overall design is not overloaded, the minimal font is selected, which looks neat. A perfectly balanced design that has a lot of air and is easy for the reader to consume.

    23. Use color lines.

    Nick Cade ( Nick Cade ) did a great job, providing a large amount of information is so clear, orderly and green privlekatelno.Pastelny used consistently throughout the layout to separate blocks, typed in black, and is introduced at the very beginning, and accurately select the font and the organization of the text in the form of blocks facilitate reading.

    24. Each decision must be substantiated.

    This example from Pixel Buddah uses beautiful photos that attract attention and hold it for a long time and create their own style, supported by a soft color palette. The font is beautifully organized, although the copied phrase is used. The use of the simple word “more” as the main call to action motivates only more, it is a smart decision to induce the reader to action. Thoughtful placement of elements and the rational use of color and font - this is what makes this design so effective.

    25. Make the layout black and white

    A wonderful monochrome palette and excellent contrast use make the Seipp design outstanding. Thanks to the use of shades of gray and geometrically separated sections of information, the letter takes on a modern and sophisticated look. The arrangement of images, font and graphic elements allows the eye to easily glide across the page and not get confused in the information. This monochromatic design is extremely harmonious.

    26. Keep the balance of images and font

    The Shopbop layout is balanced, well-organized, and hits directly on target. Images are attractive and seductive, with bright colors, and are in good agreement with a pleasant and simple font. This layout has everything you need for the reader to follow the links.

    27. Separate the information with a horizontal line

    Beans N 'Rice Creative Studio uses sequential sections to deliver several equally important messages at once. The header and footer are clearly separated, and the vertical sequence of blocks separated by bright horizontal lines allows the reader to easily scroll through the letter. Each image in itself is simple, but strong in color and composition, which allows each section to speak for itself, while at the same time not drawing attention from the rest.

    28. Increase contrast

    Black background, colorful images, and white text make this design from Stolen Girlfriends Club very contrasting, interesting and similar to gloss. Large white numbers and bold headings lead readers from top to bottom along a path that is easy to navigate. Alignment is changing, but remains consistent overall and interesting.

    29. Keep the design simple

    The vintage design from Need More Designs ( trans. - “Need more designs” ) creates a sense of antiquity through the use of a typewriter font and a dark brown color palette. Handwritten congratulation gives the letter a pleasant personal character and helps to establish contact with the reader. Beautiful product images, with interesting background textures, and calls to action, and descriptions are minimal, to encourage the reader to follow the link and learn more.

    30. Encourage readers to co-create

    Layout Terrain is based on an entertaining and creative idea, which is implemented here very well. So many different unique elements look like a party that is just waiting to be organized. The inscriptions, as if made on a blackboard with chalk, are combined with real photographs, and the step-by-step arrangement gives a do-it-yourself atmosphere, creating an emotional involvement of the reader.

    The next 10 cases we will publish on our blog on Wednesday. If you want to personally discuss email design trends and other email marketing issues, we are waiting for you at the first Mailcon regional conference on October 16, and you can always find more examples of email design, including domestic, not foreign, in the collection

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