Mandatory fingerprinting in Russia in the near future?

    On October 8, 2015, the State Duma hosted an international scientific and practical conference on the topic: “Improving the fingerprint registration system”.

    After the conference, its participants adopted a resolution that recommended an assessment of the legal, organizational and financial possibilities of introducing universal fingerprint registration in the Russian Federation in the foreseeable future .

    As a first step, mandatory fingerprinting of citizens receiving a driver’s license, a foreign passport, a gun permit, and also registered in neuropsychiatric or narcological dispensaries is recommended.

    About 20% of all citizens have passports in the Russian Federation, at least 60% have a driver's license. Those. according to the most conservative estimates, when accepting this proposal, every second Russians or about 70 million Russians will be required to pass their fingerprints.

    At present, persons who have committed a crime or are under investigation, as well as employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies and other authorities, crew members of aircraft, and private security companies are undergoing mandatory fingerprinting in the Russian Federation. A complete list of citizens subject to compulsory fingerprinting can be found in Law N 128-FZ “On State Fingerprint Registration in the Russian Federation” .

    Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Andrei Lugovoi believes that mandatory fingerprinting will serve to ensure the safety of citizens, society and the state. He denies using it as a means of suppressing personal freedom.

    LDPR State Duma deputy Andrei Lugovoi, widely known by the so-called Lugovoi law "On Amending the Federal Law " On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information " No. 398-ФЗ , which allows for pre-trial blocking of sites for extremism.

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