“Kinopoisk” “Yandex” has become an aggregator of online video and has changed the business model

    Yandex has demonstrated a new site about the movie Kinopoisk. Now the main page of the service is a personalized window of films and TV shows. She clearly demonstrates what is going on at the box office and what new items appeared online. In addition, you can use it to watch charts of popular films, thematic collections and a schedule of premieres.

    In addition to changes in the design of the site, there have been changes in its concept. Now Kinopoisk has turned into an online cinema and has become an aggregator of video content. The partners of the service are Amediateka , ivi.ru , Megogo , Tvzavr , Pladform , VGTRK , STS Media , Rutube, Ayyo Movies .

    Previously, Kinopoisk earned on media, contextual and video advertising. Now the monetization scheme has changed.

    “We offer partners to distribute and monetize their content on our audience, and partners will share with us the revenue from viewing - either part from advertising revenue (from displaying ads within video content), or part from paid subscriptions or purchases of content, ” Kommersant said Head of Kinopoisk Olga Mansurova.

    The service developers have high hopes for a recommendation system. User comments and ratings will help to shape the rating and will serve as the main factor for the recommendation system. The more often the user will give ratings, the more accurate the recommendations will be, explain in Yandex.

    According to TMT Consulting, the Russian market of legal online video services with professional video content grew by 58% in 2014 and amounted to 2.6 billion rubles. Of these, revenues generated by the advertising model amounted to 1.67 billion rubles, according to the paid model - 0.93 billion rubles.

    Restarting Kinopoisk can be a strong impetus for further market development, Ms. Mansurova expects. “It’s not so easy for online cinemas to constantly attract an audience, all players are interested in strong distribution, and our aggregation model helps them in this,” she said.

    If market trends do not change and the online screening market continues to grow, the income from working with online cinemas may exceed Kinopoisk’s advertising revenue, Ms Mansurova is sure.

    UPD .: Opinion of the founder of “Kinopoisk” - Vitaliy Tatsiya.

    UPD. 2: And here’s what statement the Kinopoisk team distributed through the Yandex press service
    We foresaw that the reaction would be acute - from denial to rapture. And so it happened. When a project practically does not change over the years, the audience reacts sharply to any changes. Over 10 years, the service capabilities and design trends have changed.

    Before rolling out the new version, from May to October, we showed a closed beta version to Yandex employees, which is about 6,000 people. For many of them, KinoPoisk is one of their favorite services, and we received a huge number of useful reviews, as a result of which we made changes to the project. After we worked with the feedback inside, we went into the "outside world". In the summer, partners and the most active and loyal users of the service joined the KinoPoisk testing, which is more than 1000 people. The members of the team themselves answered user questions; all wishes were constructive and very useful. Now we carefully analyze all the requests and try to answer each one. Our main task is to do everything to help users get accustomed to the new version, and continue to develop KinoPoisk thanks to the ideas and wishes of our audience.

    The feedback that we receive from our users can be divided into several topics. First, some users did not associate their KinoPoisk account with a profile on Yandex (the new version uses the general Yandex.Passport authorization), and did not see their ratings, lists, etc. We talk about how to link accounts - and all data appears. Secondly, some users cannot immediately find their movie lists - in the new version, they are in the "My Cinema" section.

    Unfortunately, during the rolling process, some users fell into instability: some observed errors, someone could not log in. These problems have already been fixed, and the service is available to every user.

    UPD 3: Users managed to convince Yandex to return the previous design of Kinopoisk.

    Here is what the company's press service writes about this:
    We apologize to everyone who has difficulties with the updated KinoPoisk, and as soon as it becomes technically possible, we will open for users a version in the previous design on a separate domain. This version will work until we make sure that we have prepared all the conditions for a comfortable relocation of all our users.

    At the same time, the KinoPoisk team continues to collect feedback: it is important for us to make sure that all the new functions are clear, and we have kept all the significant things that users have asked for us. We thank all KinoPoisk users for their indifference.

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