Yandex.Direct made life easier for advertisers by launching auto-generated ads

    Yandex has begun testing a new type of ads in the Yandex.Direct service . If the number of identical ads is large enough, then the so-called "dynamic ads" are suitable for generating.

    Based on the analysis of the site, Yandex.Direct will automatically generate suitable ads for displaying in Yandex search. The important thing is that ads will always be generated only for pages with a specific product.

    If, for example, it takes too much time to create new ads for an online store due to a frequent change in assortment, “dynamic ads” will solve this problem. To do this, you need to create an advertising campaign for dynamic ads in order to automatically generate ads for each product on the site.

    The user’s task is to indicate the conditions that Yandex.Direct will use to analyze the advertiser's site and generate an ad according to the template.

    Source: Yandex.

    Dynamic ads are created as an addition to the usual Yandex.Direct ads. If your campaigns have ads with the phrase that are more accurate than dynamic ads, the regular ad will have priority over the display. If the phrase of a regular ad is wider or equal in accuracy to a dynamic phrase, the most effective one will be selected for display - the system itself will be guided by the statistics of impressions and clicks, cost per click and quality factor, explained on the company's website.

    “After targeting by demographic characteristics, Yandex launches dynamic ads. Obviously, he seeks to catch up with Google in functionality. Direct offered a convenient tool, especially advertisers with a large number of sections on the site where they need to bring customers will be delighted. Now for the "Yandex" it is important to fine-tune the work of the new format, and if it will work no worse than with AdWords, it will be popular, " he said in an interview with leading contextual advertising expert and analyst Constantine Naychuk.

    Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in Google AdWordsappeared in 2012. Under the DSA, the system itself, based on the content of the advertised website, creates advertisements in accordance with user requests. The system also determines user requests relevant to the goods and services presented on the website and creates advertisements for those requests that are not covered by the advertiser in other advertising campaigns.

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