Hola, amigos. Yandex plans expansion into Latin American markets

    Photo: Eraldo Peres / AP

    Yandex is currently operating in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and some other CIS countries. Nevertheless, the company's management plans to expand, diversify the business, and now plans to enter the Latin American markets. Soon, the first application will be launched, designed only for countries in this region. The application itself is called Yandex Launcher, and it is intended for the Android OS, they write "Vedomosti". The program is designed for the audience of Brazil and Mexico - here Yandex has already distributed its products. At the same time, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are the most actively growing markets in Latin America.

    Yandex Launcher is a shell for Android gadgets that allows users to customize the mobile operating system for themselves. At the same time, the program can work on budget smartphones with not the highest performance. It is interesting that Yandex Launcher is not available to Russian users, and there are no company services in this application. For example, Google is proposed as a search service, but you can also choose Bing - these search engines work in Latin America.

    If the pilot project is deemed successful, then similar projects will be launched in other countries. True, so far no one is talking about the full-fledged entry of Yandex into Latin America. This is only an experiment that was launched as part of the Yandex business diversification project. Arkady Volozh said the following about this project: Yandex: “we need to find business models, partners, orders, we need to learn how to sell our unique skills in other markets so as not to depend on one. Therefore, we are so actively looking for different schemes, different other sources of income - both on the Internet and off the Internet, where else we can apply our skills. ”

    According to Alexander Vengranovich, an analyst with Otkritie Capital, in order to significantly diversify the company's business, it is necessary to cover such large markets as, no doubt, India and Latin America.

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