Avito, Russia's largest ad service, bought and connected Checkout goods delivery service aggregator

    The largest Russian online service of announcements Avito has acquired Checkout product delivery service . This service is an aggregator and cooperates with Russian Post, SPSR Express, DPD and other delivery services. Checkout allows online stores to send goods in any way convenient for the buyer, concluding an agreement only with the aggregator.

    Avito acquired shares from AltairVC and Edison Venture Capital , which were joint owners of Checkout. Now the co-owners of the service are only Avito and the current CEO and founder of Checkout, German Ivkin.

    “By purchasing this company, Avito wanted to be sure that their cooperation would not be broken. This could happen if shares were bought out by other investors, ”said Avito COO Kristoffer Norman.

    After the transaction is closed, only legal entities will be able to buy goods in Avito through CheckOut. According to InSales, in Russia there are about 45 thousand online stores. Most of them work with Avito. About 15 thousand online stores actively use additional Avito services - “Shop” or “Context”. They allow you to independently place descriptions of your products or contextual ads on Avito. The same partners will now be able to use the Checkout aggregator. After all, an agreement with the owners of the aggregator was concluded primarily for this purpose.

    “In the near future, Checkout will be unavailable to private users. For this, Avito will need to make its own payment system, ”Norman said. He also added that the company is already "working on it" passed "Izvestia".

    Ivkin said that the number of shipments using CheckOut in two years has reached 150 thousand. “We buy CheckOut primarily because of the team, not because of the scale. The scale is us, ”commented Norman.

    Avito controls KEX eCommerce LLC, which is 99% owned by the Swedish Avito Holding AB. According to SPARK-Interfax, in 2014 the company's revenue amounted to 4.3 billion rubles.

    Avito is ready for an initial public offering (IPO), said CEO Jonas Nordlander. “Avito is preparing [for an IPO] for the simple reason that we want more options if at some point an entry into the stock exchange makes sense for shareholders and businesses,” Nordlander quotes Bloomberg.

    Megamind wrote that in July 2015, Yandex launched the Yandex.Delivery b2b service .. It aims to organize effective interaction between online stores and courier services. The service enables shops to cooperate with various carriers. At the same time, the store will be provided with shipment of goods, document management and a settlement system. Yandex.Dostavka specializes in transporting goods from Moscow and the Moscow Region to the regions of Russia.

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