The Russian tax service has again filed a lawsuit against Look At Media for tax evasion

    The Federal Tax Service (FTS) for the second time demanded to declare bankruptcy the company LEM Russia, which manages the Russian business of the publishing house Look at Media . It includes publications such as The Village , Look at Me , Wonderzine and Furfur .

    In September, the Moscow Arbitration Court adopted a statement by the Federal Tax Service on declaring the company bankrupt. According to the Federal Service of Bailiffs, LLC “LEM Russia” has more than 1.3 million rubles of outstanding insurance premiums.

    LEM Russia is the operating company Look At Media. LEM Russia manages its Russian publications and sells advertisements in them. The domains of the holding's publications are registered on the Dutch Look at Media. The Dutch company is also 100% owned by LEM Russia. Last year, Look at Media closed the Russian entrepreneurship project Hopes & Fears. This decision was explained by the difficult financial situation. However, in February, the urban English-language online edition of Hopes & Fears was launched in New York. The publisher of Look At Me, Vasily Esmanov, a journalist of Russian origin, Marina Halperina, a former editor in chief of Animal New York , is in charge of the project .

    In the same month, the Federal Tax Service filedlawsuit against LEM Russia for tax evasion. The company's tax debt amounted to 7.2 million rubles. Then the company was able to reduce debt to 2 million rubles. By the date of the court hearing in April, the defendant was able to pay off the debt in full and the FTS claim was rejected . At the same time, Alexey Ametov, co-owner of Look at Media, said: “The company will try to prevent such situations in the future.”

    To improve its financial situation, in April Look At Media decided to sell its Grid editorial system to other publications. There was no information on the sale of Grids on the promotion page, but Alexey Ametov said in the comments on the post on Twitterthat the price will be announced upon request. This editorial system is used by all editions of the company, including Look At Me, FurFur, The Village, Wonderzine and English-speaking Hopes & Fears.

    However, the story with the suit of the Federal Tax Service repeated. “Last time the court did not accept the statement, I think it will be so now,” hopes Aleksey Ametov. From time to time, the company has cash gaps, but when the money comes in, payments are paid off, he explains.

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