A piece of the program HolyJS 2018 Moscow

    HolyJS 2018 Moscow very soon. The conference will take place on November 24-25.

    This time the program turned out to be very diverse, but it is easy to identify the main trends:

    • Firsthand reports (#firsthand) - reports on tools / solutions from their authors. We especially carefully approached the choice of speakers in this direction.
    • Reports on fundamental things (#fundamentals). Such reports are always needed, especially in our young ecosystem.
    • Reports affecting Node.js (#node). With each conference in reviews, we see the call “even more about nodejs!”, We hear it and try to look for really high-quality reports in this direction.
    • There were also a lot of reports about IoT (#iot) and tools (#tools).

    Directions of directions, but the basis of any conference is steep speakers, let's take a look at a third of our speakers and get to know them better.


    The main conference message comes from keynout, I would like to talk about each in more detail.

    The conference will be opened by Michel Weststrate . Michel is the author of such wonderful tools as MobX , mobx-state-tree and immer . He is an opensource evangelist, a technical leader in Mendix and a developer who really understands the problems of state management and data management on the client side. The purpose of his keyout is to consider working with the state at a fundamental level. Michel comes to Russia for the first time - so this is a rare opportunity to personally inquire about the nuances of his instruments. In addition, he likes to talk at conferences, which he mentioned in an interview with HolyJSso feel free to catch him with your questions.

    Mattias Petter Johansson (known to many simply as MPJ ) will close the first day . Now Mattias is a kind of scientific popularizer or showman, many know him as the leading popular channel about the development of Fun fun function , where there is a lot of very useful material on functional programming and an insane number of subscribers. However, Mattias is not only the presenter of the channel: he has been developing for about 13 years in companies such as Spotify, Blackberry and Absolut Vodka, and he is really cool at FP. He will tell about one of the most acute problems of the modern frontend: about the increasing complexity of applications and how to live with it.

    The conference will be closed by Roman Dvornov . The novel is the author of basis.js , CSSTree , Component Inspector , rempl , CSSO mentner and much more . He does the tools for a reason. Roman is the head of the front-line platform command in Avito. He has to solve very unusual tasks on a very large project, bringing all the parties together. This time, he will share approaches to a detailed and multifaceted analysis of your project, will present new directions and tools that can help with this.


    At the conference, in addition to keyouts, there will be 27 reports. We would like to tell about all-all-all, but for one article it will turn out too much. Therefore, we tried to choose speakers representing different directions.

    Alex Kozyatinsky - develops tools for working with JS in Chrome DevTools . Such commonly used things as the Console and the JS debug in Chrome DevTools are the work of Alexei. He has already talked about some interesting cases of working with JS in chrome last HolyJS. This time, the story goes about DevTools Protocol and how you can use it to build tools for Node.js. Alexey is open for communication and will be happy to answer all questions on Chrome DevTools.

    Erik Rasmussen - authorredux-forms , final-form and many other tools . Erik knows about the forms and their nuances, probably almost everything. He will talk in detail about state management in forms using a final-form, and this is really very interesting, because the final-form does not depend on any framework, which allows you to use this library regardless of what your application is written on. Erik will come to Russia for the first time, and this is an excellent reason to ask him questions on the most difficult case studies with the forms that you have.

    Kamil Myśliwiec - author nestjsand opensource evangelist. As the author of the popular Node.js framework, Kamil will talk about the fundamental principles of building frameworks with concrete examples. nestjs is written in TypeScript and elegantly combines elements of OOP, FP and FRP. The explanation of the combination of all the above promises to be very interesting.

    Thomas Watson - Node.js Core member, while his main work - Elasticsearch, where he is engaged in the product Application Performance Monitoring. He is also in Node.js diagnostic working group . Thomas will talk about tracing in distributed systems, this will be especially useful for those who work with microservice architecture. Thomas has already spoken at HolyJS with the Debugging Node.js in Production report , which the public really liked.

    Ilya Klimov is the owner of a small outsourcing company, WookieeLabs, a trainer for the Kottans.Org project, a trainer for the JavaScript.Ninja project. Ilya has been programming in JavaScript for more than 14 years and really knows what problems developers and customers face. This time he will tell you about reliable JavaScript. If you have some intricate questions about JS, safety or education, do not hesitate and by all means ask them to Ilya.

    Kirill Cherkashin - the organizer of the largest Angular mitap in the world - AngularNYC (as well as VueNYC and ReactNYC ), works in Firebase, teaches Angular not only in Google, but also all over the world. His past AST reportwas very well received by our public. This time, Kirill will talk about working with binary data in JS, the report promises to be very interesting, as you have to work with them in not very simple cases.

    Ujjwal Sharma - participates in the core team Node.js, as well as one of the developers of the crypto module for Node.js. Ujjwal will talk about the crypto module and the current status of security in the Node.js ecosystem. A report on such an important first-hand topic promises to be extremely interesting and even necessary.


    All of the above speakers, except for the MPJ, will participate in BoF sessions (read more about them and get acquainted with the composition here ). In an easy and relaxed atmosphere, speakers and other conference attendees will be able to discuss all the important points regarding Node.js, client status nuances and developer tools.

    And a lot of interesting things that are not included in this post can be found in the program - and, of course, at the conference itself.

    We will be glad to see you!

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