Rostelecom organized the largest competition in Russia for the purchase of GPON subscriber equipment in Russia

    imageRostelecom is organizing a tender for the purchase of just over 1.54 million GPON-based devices. GPON technology involves laying an optical cable in each apartment. The operator needs GPON routers and GPON sockets. The starting price of lots for the purchase is $ 91.94 million and $ 24 million, respectively. This is the largest competition of Rostelecom for the purchase of subscriber equipment GPON - for the first time it is held centrally for all macro-regional branches of the operator, said a representative of Rostelecom Valery Kostarev. The initial price of a GPON router is $ 82.8, GPON sockets are $ 54.81, but Rostelecom expects to significantly reduce it by purchasing a large batch, Kostarev notes.

    Source: Telecom Daily

    In early September 2015, during the federal competition for the purchase of 2.22 million FTTB modems, the starting price was reduced by 45%, he recalls. Fiber to the building technology involves connecting optical fiber to the house and distributing the Internet to apartments via copper cables.

    According to Kostarev, Rostelecom plans to use GPON routers mainly for new connections and partly for reconnecting subscribers using xDSL (broadband Internet access over telephone wires). Of the 28 million households covered by Rostelecom's fiber optic networks, approximately one third can be connected to GPON.

    According to Telecom Daily, by the beginning of Q3 2015, about 1.5 million out of approximately 10.5 million broadband users of Rostelecom were using GPON. Over the year, Rostelecom connected a little more than 0.5 million GPON subscribers, calculated by Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov. We can assume that 1.5 million routers will be enough for about 1.5 years, since the company is actively building passive fiber-optic networks, as well as switching xDSL subscribers to optics, he argues.
    According to the operator, the number of private users of Rostelecom broadband access in the II quarter of 2015 increased by 4% compared to the same period last year.

    According to Telecom Daily, Rostelecom serves approximately 65% ​​of Russian GPON users. Almost everyone else is MGTS. According to the representative of MGTS Tatyana Martyanova, for 2011-2015, the services of the GPON network of MGTS could be used by 3.7 million Moscow apartments, 1.3 million of them use at least one of the services. More than 700 thousand subscribers use two or more services, Martyanova reports.

    Connecting one apartment using GPON without subscriber equipment costs an average of $ 150 - this is about 2 times more expensive than, for example, FTTx, the Iskratelecom CEO calculatedAlkhas Mirzabekov. The construction and repair of GPON lines requires more qualified specialists than for FTTx, he explains. Connecting a subscriber using a traditional copper pair pays off in about a year, for GPON this period is twice as long. At the same time, the ARPU and the range of additional services used by subscribers are not much different: perhaps those who promote GPON are counting on additional revenue from new additional services in the future, but so far there is no difference. There are technological limitations when using GPON: there you have to divide the channel into everyone, because of which the speed can drop, and you can connect the subscriber via FTTx lines at a guaranteed speed of up to 1 Gbit / s, argues Mirzabekov.

    FTTB also uses Transtelecom , said"Vedomosti" its representative Tatyana Semenova. This technology allows us to provide services similar in quality to GPON, but at a lower cost of connection. GPON is much more expensive due to the high cost of subscriber equipment, the costs of which the operator is forced to take on, Semenova adds.

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