A year after the purchase of Auto.ru, Yandex plans to concentrate on non-advertising monetization of the service

    "Yandex" has updated the design and functionality of the service Auto.ru . Yesterday, the head of the site auto.yandex.ru Roman Abramov introduced a new logo and demonstrated a redesign of the main page. The company acquired Auto.ru auto sales service for $ 175 million in the summer of 2014. Over the year, Yandex specialists analyzed various possibilities of monetizing the service and decided “on the active development of the service due to the non-advertising model,” said the representative of the Internet company Arina Khodyreva. Auto.ru will develop its own monetization model, which does not depend on the most common advertising models of the parent company, she adds.

    Previously, in an attempt to find the optimal business model, Auto.ru conducted experiments with coupons, product verticals (for example, selling alarm systems), and media projects (for example, its own magazine and even a non-broadcast channel were launched). But then it was bought by Yandex and the development strategy changed.

    Elements of non-advertising monetization have appeared, such as, for example, paid services for raising an ad to the top of the list. According to Khodyreva, the additional services introduced by Auto.ru make it possible for ad views to increase by about five times. Similar paid services were introduced by the largest online classifier Avito.ru . According to TNS, the service is one of the ten largest sites on the Runet with an audience of 26 million unique users each month.

    In June 2015, it became known that the management of Yandex has reduced the entire edition of Auto.ru, which previously published news on automotive topics. Now news content will be collected from various sources using algorithms and without the participation of editors - following the example of the Yandex.News service,

    Auto.ru revenue for the year increased by more than 20%. According to Ms. Khodareva, Auto.ru’s non-advertising revenue share is now approaching 50% of the service’s total revenue structure. According to Yandex.Metrica, Auto.ru’s audience on all platforms grew by 20% over the year and amounted to 15 million users in August. Mobile audience increased by 100%. About 1.5 million active users use the mobile application monthly.

    In the near future, the company plans to introduce several services designed to "increase market transparency." Among them is a check on the legal cleanliness of cars and ensuring the reliability of data on cars presented in ads.

    In the new version of Auto.ru, Yandex plans to further develop non-advertising monetization and customer service. The company intends to strengthen cooperation with car dealers and increase the volume of transactions with their participation. According to the calculations of the analytical agency Avtostat, last year 400 thousand used cars were sold through dealerships, which amounted to 6.6% of the total market for used cars in Russia. At the same time, at the beginning of 2015, experts predicted that the share of sales of used cars under the age of seven years through dealers will increase to 25%. “We hope that most of the deals in this segment will take place at Auto.ru,” Khodyreva says. Now about 2 thousand customers are working with Auto.ru, RBC reports .

    For private sellers, the use of Auto.ru will always be free, according to the company.

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