Interesting weekend events

    As always on Monday, a short selection of what you might have missed over the weekend.

    Social networks and information analysis by banking institutions in England.

    Metrics at the service of business .

    The largest publisher of prof. literature.

    The RSP will receive a “tax on pigs” for another 10 years .

    "Startup" is just one of the scenarios for the development of the project.

    Why Yandex.Direct is not a cure for all diseases.

    What the game tester’s work really looks like .

    Earth and space with the ISS.

    Tracking systemsflying a rocket.

    Tokamak and the thermonuclear future with toroidal traps .

    Top 10 unusual watches.

    The electronic analyzer of the "eight" and the oval of the bicycle wheel.

    3D printing in paleontology .

    13th part of the "Eye" Project ".

    It’s increasingly difficult for Chinese data center operators to use free-cooling.

    One Thousand and One Blister - Search for medicines at inflated prices.

    The third part of the UEFI security story.

    DoS exploit of Google Chrome and some other browsers.

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