By the end of the year, the Moscow City Hall will turn its site into a single access point to city services

    Moscow City Hall plans to update its site . The launch of the trial version is scheduled for the end of September 2015. It is planned to completely redo the current site before the end of the year. After restarting, the number of websites of Moscow departments and departments will decrease. According to the head of the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) of Moscow Artem Ermolaev, a special unit has already been created in the apparatus of the mayor and the government of Moscow to support the updated resource.

    The concept and layout of the new site cost 42 million rubles. A source of Vedomosti claims that such costs are justified. In the future, this will reduce the cost of maintaining the websites of Moscow departments, prefectures, and so on. According to the materials of the Moscow government, a good example is the British state service and information site that opened in 2010 with a similar concept. In his first year of work, he reduced the cost of maintaining British state Internet resources by almost half (by about 4.2 billion rubles).

    Moscow city enterprises and organizations now have about 7000 sites. According to DIT, Moscow departments, organizations and enterprises contain 239 standard portals, which cost a little more than 32 million rubles a year.

    In addition to reducing costs, the goal of the city authorities is to increase traffic. The updated resource will be focused on end users of urban services. In the future, it will become a single point of access to all city services and will allow you to find answers to all the questions that the townspeople are currently looking for in Internet search engines and scattered city sites, Vedomosti told Artem Ermolaev. He also added that the dispersal of urban resources leads, for example, to the fact that people who use the urban services portal use the service little“Active Citizen” , where voting is held on various issues of urban life, and vice versa.

    Another goal of restarting the portal is to make it an aggregator of city news. It is necessary to collect all city news on one resource. Sometimes important news and information appear on the sites of only two or three structures, and the new site will have wide coverage, an employee of one of the metropolitan departments explains.

    The creation of a single access point to all municipal services is in line with global trends and can really create additional amenities for Muscovites, according to Rambler GR Director Matvey Alekseev.

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