AliExpress launches delivery in 15 days: "from a warehouse in China to the buyer's door in Russia"

    The Chinese retailer AliExpress has a new partner in Russia. The company entered into an agreement with the express delivery operator IML. Strictly speaking, an agreement has been made between IML and eTotal Solutions. The latter is a logistics aggregator and is part of the Alibaba Group holding . The buyer will be able to receive goods from AliExpress through the courier, as well as at points of delivery of IML and partners of the company.

    In July 2015, IML carried out a range of integration work with the Logistics-Pro logistics platform ., which connects logistics providers and sellers of AliExpress. The platform provides an opportunity to use the services of logisticians, manage information about products, orders, transactions and payments, manage your own delivery and storage services. In the first half of 2015, to ensure the stable and uninterrupted operation of delivery services, all processes in the company were fully automated, and IML couriers received the latest payment terminals and tablet computers.

    IML has been providing online shopping services for the delivery of their goods since 2007. According to the company, in 2009 IML was the first to offer a one-day delivery service from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In 2010, this option also became available for Nizhny Novgorod and a number of cities in Central Russia. IML delivers throughout Russia and has 200 pick-up points.

    “The results of the pilot launch of the service confirm the reality of a period of fifteen days for delivery from a warehouse in China to the buyer's door in Russia. Today, IML guarantees the delivery of goods for 4-10 days from the date of arrival of the goods at one of the Russian airports. The company plans to further develop its own logistics infrastructure and storage facilities, ” Dmitry Klyuchnikov, representative of IML , told CNews.

    The main channel for delivering goods from AliExpress to our country remains Russian Post. The retailer collaborates with the SPSR delivery service . The SPSR company told CNews that they were satisfied with the cooperation with AliExpress: currently, in addition to the issuing center, the SPSR can also deliver goods from AliExpress by courier or through PickPoint's post office network.

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