Qiwi plans to create an analogue of Bitcoin for the Russian market

    Qiwi payment system is currently developing bitrubles - cryptocurrencies, the principle of which will be similar to Bitcoin. Such a system will be designed for the Russian market, as reported by the CEO and co-owner of the company Sergey Solonin, writes VC. To launch the domestic cryptocurrency, the company will need several hundred million ordinary rubles, and bitrubles will begin to work in 2016.

    Representatives of the company held several meetings with the leadership of the Central Bank, to obtain permission to launch cryptocurrency. “In addition, we sent a letter describing this project to law enforcement agencies,” added Sergey Solonin.

    Representatives of the Central Bank noted that the regulator is now studying the possibility of using cryptocurrency to conduct questionable operations in Russia.

    In the bitruble system, some elements of the blockchain and bitshares technology will be used, which are actively used for Bitcoin. According to Solonin, the use of such elements can significantly reduce the cost of existing processing services.

    Earlier, the Central Bank criticized the Botcoin system, calling cryptocurrency a monetary substitute. Moreover, the regulator did not prohibit the operation of such a system.

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