Lenovo is in talks with T-Platforms on the release of devices based on Russian processors

    Lenovo , a Chinese manufacturer of technology, is considering using Russian processors in its products. Lenovo began negotiations with the Russian company T-Platforms . We are talking about the Baikal T processors , which are produced by Baikal Electronics , a subsidiary of T-Platforms. The plans of the Chinese manufacturer to the newspaper "Vedomosti" said Lenovo CEO in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe, Gleb Mishin.

    The Chinese company expects Lenovo technology with Russian processors to be trusted by government customers. This "trump card" should help the company in the fight against foreign competitors. Lenovo plans to use Russian processors in personal computers and mobile devices, Mishin said.

    Baikal Electronics plans to develop processors for different platforms and goals. Baikal T is designed for mobile devices. In the near future there will be a processor that provides comfortable work with office applications. In case of successful cooperation with Lenovo, partners will receive not only government orders, but also orders from private customers, said the representative of Baikal Electronics Andrei Malafeev. Baikal Electronics believes that Baikal T is the first domestic-made processor designed for commercial rather than defense needs.

    The release of the first Baikal Electronics product was planned for the summer of 2014, but was postponed for almost a year. This came from the fact that from March 2013 to January 2014 the T-Platforms company was under the sanctions of the US Department of Commerce. The agency suspected the company of developing computer systems for military purposes and the production of computers for nuclear research.

    The Baikal processors have not yet entered mass production - in May 2015, only prototypes of the Baikal T1 model were released. The company intends to spend 500 million rubles on a mass launch, which were provided to it in August 2015 by the Industry Development Fund under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Just a little less than 2 billion rubles were invested in the company itself. The funds were invested by shareholders (Vsevolod Opanasenko, VEB and Rusnano), as well as the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

    According to the founder of Baikal Electronics Vsevolod Opanasenko, the demand for their processors was higher than expected: about 100 Russian and foreign companies became interested in domestic processors, with some of them, for example, the Russian server manufacturer Rikor.IT , a Taiwanese manufacturer of embedded computersLanner , the first cooperation agreements have already been concluded.

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