Mikron factory, producing crystals for domestic processors, asked Putin for 25 billion rubles

    Photo: zelao.ru

    Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the main shareholder of AFK Sistema, asked Putin for financing for Sistema's subsidiary, the Mikron plant, 25 billion rubles. The money is planned to be spent on the construction of a chip factory using 28 nm technology, Vedomosti writes. According to a source familiar with the terms of the loan, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry have already been issued a resolution to assist.

    Now 62.6% of the shares of the Zelenograd plant "Micron" belongs to the holding RTI, which, in turn, is controlled by Sistema. Another 8.05% of the shares belong to the Federal Property Management Agency, 25.101% to Rosnano. The remaining shares are in the hands of private investors.

    Now AFK plans to launch the production of processors 45-28 nm, and is looking for possible sources of financing for the project. At the same time, 25 billion rubles. It may not be enough to launch the production of chips made using 28 nm technology. So, some experts estimate such a project at $ 900 million, and 25 billion rubles at the current exchange rate is about $ 365 million. In the

    summer of Gennady Krasnikov, the general director of Mikron, asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade for $ 800 million to start production of 28-nm chips, plus it was requested another 23.1 billion rubles. to complete current tasks.

    It is planned to launch 28 nm processors by 2020, without the cost of licensing technology.

    Recall that one of the models of the domestic processor Elbrus-2SM receives crystalswhich are made at Zelenograd factory "Micron".

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