Researchers found out on which sites employees of Russian companies spend more time

    It’s no secret that employees of Russian companies visit various sites with the saying “time killers” during working hours. Kickidler researchers have found out what kind of sites are and how much valuable work time employees spend on them.

    It turned out that the VKontakte social network takes the most time from employees . Every second employee (42%) logs into it every day from a work computer and spends an average of 84 minutes a day on the site.

    47% of employees visit Yandex web services ( Yandex.Mail , Yandex.Maps , Yandex.Market)other). Nevertheless, in aggregate they spend less time there (35 minutes) during the working day than on VKontakte. The social network My World of Group is popular among 36% of respondents. They spend 32 minutes a day in it, which is 2.6 times less than on VKontakte. Odnoklassniki is visited by only 19% of employees. They spend 31 minutes a day on this social network.

    Among sites with video content, YouTube leads . In second place is followed by . RBC holds the palm among news sites tightly . 11% of employees visit it daily. They spend about 46 minutes a day searching for information on the topic of the day.

    Source: Kickidler

    In total, Kickidler identified 10 time-killer groups: social networks, web portal services, news sites, video content sites, online stores of electronic and household appliances, travel websites, movie review sites, sites for payment of bills, sites with ads and humorous portals. The study was conducted among 10 companies with a combined fleet of more than 300 personal computers, CNews reports .

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