You can now create your own online store in the VKontakte social network

    The social network "In contact" is becoming more functional. Now the resource is launching the “Products in Contact” section, which allows any users to create online stores within the social network, Vedomosti writes . In the corresponding section, a general catalog of goods with the search function by goods will appear. It looks and works like a showcase of a very ordinary store where customers can inspect the goods before buying.

    However, in order to purchase goods from the store, the user will need to contact the administrator of the community that posted the goods, plus agree on payment and delivery. Currently, “Goods” has no binding to any of the payment systems.

    Today, the storefront is being launched in test mode for certain communities and groups, and after a while this feature will be available for all communities. Interestingly, the placement of goods in the catalog will be completely free. As for the monetization of the storefront, the social network plans to do this later, after expanding the functionality of “Products in Contact”.

    “Previously, in order to present their products to the public, the administrators of such communities were forced to use, for example, photo albums, which are not intended for such purposes. And users did not have information in one place for all products in the communities. Now we are both giving a new convenient tool, ”Lobushkin commented on the situation.

    At the moment, the VKontakte social network is the largest social network in Russia. The monthly audience of the resource is 49.7 million people aged 12 to 64 years. At the same time, the social network earns less than its closest competitors: Odnoklassniki and My World. Nevertheless, in the first half of the year, Vkontakte's revenue grew immediately by 34%.

    As for online stores, the largest aggregator in RuNet is Yandex. The monthly audience of the project is 2.85 million users.

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