Russian startup for GetIntent programmable advertising purchases raised $ 1 million

    The Russian fund Buran Venture Capital ( Buran VC ), which became the leader of the round, invested in the GetIntent international RTB platform . The volume of the round was $ 1 million. The investor of the company was Thomas Falk, Managing Partner of the eValue AG Venture Fund . Real time bidding technology ( RTB

    ) allows the advertiser to increase the relevance of advertising targeting to a site visitor. While the page is only loading, the platform analyzes user behavior on the Internet and determines its preferences, says GetIntent investment manager Anton Fedorov. After that, a kind of online auction begins between advertisements, the winner of which is selected based on this knowledge of the user and the requirements specified by advertisers when placing advertisements (target audience, price limits per impression, and so on). Everything happens in milliseconds, he adds.

    GetIntent was founded in 2013 by Georgy Levin and Vladimir Klimontovich. In the autumn of the same year, AltaIR Capital Venture Fund invested $ 400 thousand in the company.. In July 2014, the GetIntent office was opened in New York; the R&D division is located in Moscow. Revenue in 2014 reached $ 2 million, but more than 80% fell on the American market, company representative Alena Fedotova told Vedomosti.

    The investments received in the last round will go to expand the business and develop GetIntent products. The company will double the staff of developers and a marketing team in the United States. According to the creators of the service, they relied on medium-sized advertising agencies. GetIntent meets their requirements, offering a significantly lower minimum threshold for advertising budgets than other market players. The service works with the placement of video and mobile advertising, as well as with natural advertising.

    Buran VC invested in GetIntent, appreciating the company's high achievements. GetIntent in a short time managed to enter the international level, as well as produce a product that aroused interest in the West. The underlying technologies are easily scalable to any market.

    According to Levin, the share of “programmed” purchases in Russia is about 15-20 percent, which is almost three times more than in 2013. According to IDC, in 2012 the global cost of online advertising placed using RTB platforms amounted to $ 2.7 billion. According to analysts, by 2017 they will increase by 50%.

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