Ministry of Internal Affairs will build a data center on servers with Russian processors

    Photo: D. Abramov, Vedomosti The

    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia plans to create a data center based on servers with Russian processors. At present, some aspects of the project are still being discussed, Vedomosti writes . Nevertheless, the project was decided to be implemented, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will soon plan to order a “large batch of servers” for the data center. Unfortunately, the exact sizes of this batch are unknown; most likely, we are talking about tens of thousands of servers.

    In 2016, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will purchase only 20 servers based on domestic processors, but in a year the batch volume can be increased to 150 thousand pieces. This was reported to a source close to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

    Currently, domestic processors are manufactured by the Moscow SPARC-Technology Center (MCST), which produces the Elbrus chip, and Baikal Electronics, which manufactures the Baikal-T1 processor.

    Elbrus processors are manufactured according to Russian documentation in Asian factories, says Konstantin Trushkin, assistant to the general director of ICST for marketing. however, one of the Elbrus-2SM processor models receives crystals that are produced at the Micron Zelenograd plant (this plant is controlled by Sistema JSFC). Baikal-T1 was developed in Russia, but it is also produced at Asian plants - namely, the Taiwanese TSMC plant. Just a week ago, the expert council of the Industrial Development Fund under the Ministry of Industry and Trade approved a loan of 500 million rubles. for Baikal Electronics. Funds will be spent on launching mass production of such processors.

    The Russian companies Kraftway and Aquarius (part of the structure of the National Computer Corporation) are already producing prototypes of computers using the Elbrus processor, as reported by Kraftway CEO Alexei Kravtsov and Senior Vice President of Aquarius Vladimir Shibanov. True, so far, none of the above companies have agreements with the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the creation of equipment for the ministry's data center.

    As for the processors themselves, the Baikal-T1 is still being developed. This processor is used in various kinds of controllers, machines, switches. Therefore, it is possible to produce servers with domestic processors on the basis of Elbrus.

    The databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs contain information about citizens, vehicles, wanted persons, plus data from video surveillance cameras. Currently, such databases are scattered, so the construction of a single data center will centralize the database and facilitate access to these data.

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