Deripaska started building data centers

    Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press / Photoagency Interpress

    Holding En + Group, owned by Oleg Deripaska, is investing with a number of partners in the construction of a data center in Siberia. The total investment is about $ 355 million. The new data center is designed to serve both Russian and Chinese companies, VC reports . An agreement on cooperation between the companies was signed on Thursday, September 3, during a visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to China.

    Note that Huawei, Lanit, plus Centrin Data Systems will participate in the construction of the data center.

    To service the data center, it is planned to use Siberian hydroelectric power stations, which can supply low-cost electricity. These hydroelectric power plants already supply electricity to UC Rusal's aluminum plants. Note that now the demand for data centers in Russia is growing , one of the drivers of this growth is the entry into force of the law on the storage of personal data.

    The first phase of the data center will contain 1800 racks, this object will be built by 2018, and about $ 55 million is required for its construction. In total, it is planned to install eight thousand racks by 2024.

    Deripaska takes 17th place in the list of “The Richest Businessmen of Russia”, with a fortune of $ 6.2 billion.

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