Visual content for email newsletters

    We all differ in the type of perception. Scientists and psychologists divide people into audials, visuals and kinesthetics. Each type of perception has its own rules for remembering and reproducing information. Visual information is perceived and remembered much faster. Such a phenomenon in science is described as the "effect of the superiority of the image."

    The essence of this psychological phenomenon is explained by the fact that the brain is not able to perceive a word until it explores individual features of letters. And the image, in turn, can significantly increase the speed of information processing.

    People are able to remember two and a half thousand images and reproduce them with 90% accuracy. Most of these images are deposited in the brain for many years and are subsequently associated with one or another word. For this reason, we associate brands with certain logo images.

    In the newsletters you can achieve the same effect of perception and assimilation of information, if you use different types of visual content.

    The bulk of subscribers scans messages very fluently. Therefore, in order to fully convey the meaning to the recipient, it is better to use illustrative material.

    For the newsletters, such visual filling options are perfect:


    Jeff Bullas found outthat text diluted with pictures is read to the end 94% more often than the version without images.

    For newsletters, it is best to use unique images. Bright, adapted to the corporate template images help shape the recognition of the company.

    Where to look for images for newsletters:

    Photoogenica - for SendPulse customers a 20% discount on all images.
    DepositPhotos and others.

    Free image catalogs:
    Death to Stock Photo - monthly distribution of stock images to your email
    Flickr - select only those images where commercial use is allowed.

    Online image creation and processing services:
    Canva - image creation in the block editor
    Pixlr - image processing service
    Pablo by Buffer - simple image creation service.


    Due to the rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and other electronic gadgets, online video is gaining more momentum, gaining the attention of subscribers. Newsletter videos improve campaign performance by an average of 40%. So it’s worth at least testing this feature.
    For newsletters, video tutorials, webinars, user guides, video reviews, etc. are great. So use it.

    Infographics and diagrams.

    Infographics are a great way to present complex material in simple diagrams. In addition, infographics are absorbed much faster than text.
    At this stage, infographics claim a key role in the content strategy of any company. There are a number of reasons for this:
    • Visual information is perceived faster.
    • Infographics have a high “viral” potential. It is often shared on social networks and blogs, which gives additional coverage.
    • Infographics can be both an addition to textual information, and an independent element of content.

    For email newsletters, infographics are incredibly useful, because it allows you to convey the main meaning of the message in a matter of seconds, even with a quick look.

    You can create infographics both with the help of familiar graphic programs, as well as in online editors: The situation

    with schematic images is even simpler. All that is needed is the skills to work with SmartArt objects or basic knowledge of graphic programs.

    Internet memes

    The term "ma'am" was first introduced back in 1976. According to the original meaning, ma'am is an idea that can transform into different meanings depending on the person. On the net, “ma'am” is associated with humorous statements in images.

    However, with the use of Internet ma'am you need to be careful. They will undoubtedly help to stand out from the competition and relieve stress. You can even make jokes about your field of activity. But will they be perceived adequately by an older and more serious target audience? Need to test and verify.


    With the advent of the SlideShare service, presentations have reached a new level. Now this is not a closed material for reports within the company. This is a high viral content that can be shared with the whole world. The main thing is to make presentations less formal.

    A great example of a viral presentation is Rand Fishkin 's report, “Why content marketing can fail . Easy, unobtrusive, with humor and excellent illustrations, but without losing any benefit, the author told the main mistakes in planning content marketing and its placement.

    In newsletters, presentations will perform the same function as infographics: quick introduction. So use it!


    If you work with services, applications, computer games or any other online resources, the screenshots in the newsletter will be a great way for you to show subscribers the internal processes, as well as the features of working with platforms or applications.

    In order to take a screenshot, you can use the services or Monosnap. There you can add the necessary text to the screenshot or create symbols.

    Use the possibilities of visual design to the maximum and create useful newsletters.

    Irina Chugay, marketer SendPulse

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